Oregon Gambler


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Jul 5, 2023
Hey ya'll If anyone is doing the OG 500 this year and needs any help (from welding a broken hooptie back together) or a yard to camp in. I'm in Bend and always down to help. Been to busy working to get a hooptie together this year but if you never have, you should, its such a good time.
I didn't. I saw tons of rigs around town and ran some roads with my kid in his prerunner but didn't go to gambler town.
Heck ya! I do a bunch of the PLS (Public land stewards of Bend) trial clean ups. It started as a clean up organized by the local off road club and has grown into a amazing (and huge)community effort. I know PLS does a lot with the Sons of Smokey (gambler crew) its awesome what they do. Oregon is 53% public land (off-road paradise) and we are doing all we can to keep it open.