Maxine: Part Mad Max, Part Christine

Jun 29, 2024
This is my 1958 Plymouth Savoy I lovingly call Maxine. It’s on a modified 2007 dodge 2500 HD chassis. 12 valve cummins with oversized injectors bigger turbo, fuel plate blah blah blah. Somewhere in the 4-500 hp range so she scoots but it’s nothing crazy. NV4500 5 speed with some billet goodies. NP271 Xfer case. Air to water intercooler and a million other little things that probably only matter to me.

I got her for free from helping a widow sell cars, make way too many trips to the scrap yard, and clean up her yard. Her husband and her ran a small wrecking yard and when he passed the city made her clean up if she was no longer running the business.

Maxine was the yards junkyard dog. She pushed cars around the yard, hauled trailers with her front and rear ball hitches, went logging, and always had two sets of the large oxy acetylene torches in the trunk. It had the factory push button transmission coupled to a three speed manual transmission so if you put them both in first gear a turtle could pull away from you. Home made Dually wheels from welding two wheels together and cutting out the center section of the outer wheel. A 55 gallon drum was sectioned into the fender to cover the outer wheel. Leaf springs, coil springs, and air shocks kept the car from squatting while hauling heavy loads.

Shes come a long ways, but still is that same junkyard dog that puts in the work. I do a lot with the Gambler 500 and she’s hauled a lot of garbage off of public lands. She also hauls home a lot of garbage in the form of shitboxes to my house. 😂


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