Let's see those Bad Lines!


Mar 30, 2022
We've all been there. When the talent runs out.
Stuck, Broken, Rolled it, all of the above?
Let's see those Bad Lines!
photos/ video whatever you got we wanna hear the tale.

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First off... Those pants. Where can I buy some. haha

Second - When was this?
🤣 The pants and boots were borrowed from a buddy because I was soaking wet from the snow and we left my truck with all my gear there for the night. I would guess they’re Walmart specials lol.

This was the week after I completed the backhalf. May 25th of 2019
This was ocotillo wells this last new year, was jumping over to another line and never saw the power pole sticking out of the ground only about 8”, I hit it going about 40-50 mph bad line for sure but drove it back to camp and has a great story!


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Wish I could say this was merely for a demonstration of how to use max trax.... We were in a wash west of Yerington Nv. on the V2R race course and we were going up the wash and it was miles and miles of that deep sandy shit, I was hot and thirsty the Xploder was hot and thirsty so we stopped for a cold one and a quick tug :LOL:

V2R stuck pic.jpg
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Somewhere between rocky point and el golfo. We were headed back from el golfo between the second and first train station. i decided it was time to get western on the whoops... apparently the SAW's were not valved stiff enough which led to a slipped camber adjustment and bent strut. Nothin a little road side cold brew and wrenches couldnt cure. This road has also caused me to bend my frame.... the massive amounts of "road trip maragritas" made road side via a blender and inverter may or may not have contributed to said issue


Stuck in this spot for 3 hours lol t case and front axle were both wedged between 2 rocks342684C0-22E5-4F7F-B7BA-8D3270A75685.jpeg
Drove into a fuckin Boulder gettin rowdy in like a S turn section out in Jean Nevada, honestly, I’m surprised the damage wasn’t worst the Boulder was probably only a little bigger then the 15” wheel😂


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