Just a old 86' Pickup 😉

Jul 26, 2023
Yucca Valley, CA
I posted a little in the intro thread about this truck, Figured I would make a build thread as well, I used to have a build thread on Dezert Rangers, I dont think it was updated after the truck was linked though. Long story short, The truck started out as a 86' 4wd pickup, when I was 16 (33 now) I decided I wanted to make it a prerunner, it went throught he usual stages, downey upper arm with a 2.0 fox shock, chevy leafs with a bedcage and fiberglass. Then moved onto one of the first blazeland kits with a 2.5 10' king behind the arm. Cut that off and ended up with a custom front end and some f67 style leafs in the rear. Cage then was all 1 3/4 Mild steel (Helton style). after it was running I quickly wanted to link it, so it got a set of giant WIY links. this whole time it had a chevy 4.3 that NEVER ran right, would ping to all hell but would never die. Well after breaking my back at adelanto with the terra boys for one of the district 37 races after I had stuffed a 5.3 in it ( This truck has had too many stages to really go through at this point), I decided I wanted beams and big shocks. So I cut her up again and put beams and a new engine cage in the truck! Start to finish was 7 weeks, (Living in the desert means your toy cant be down for too long lol). The truck ended up getting painted a metallic blue and we enjoyed it for a year or so.original.jpgoriginal 2.jpgoriginal 3.jpgoriginal 4.jpg But I grew tired of the cab cage, it was a nightmare to get in and out of, the seats didnt fit, there was no room. plus with the beams the truck became ridiulously wide and NOONE offers any good looking glass that would work. So I did the most logical thing. I bought a tundra cab, cut the truck in half (Literally) and brought it up to Jubera Fab to take the reigns of my nightmare and make some sense out of the abortion that I had created. Boy did he do just that! with some patience, time, and more money that I ever imagined I could swing into a truck, He turned my turd into a machine! basically from the firewall back, the Jubera's rebuilt this truck, stabbing a 03' Tundra cab on the 86' chassis which allowed me to achieve about 20" of travel in the front without being ridiculously wide like tundras are known to be. He stretched the frame and wheel base from 116" to about 130". Jubera also cut out the fire wall and recessed the coilovers in to the rear cab just a touch and made the entire c pillar and cage apart of the firewall to minimize loss of space. in the rear I went all out as much as I could! above or behind the axle we have a 70 gallon fuel cell, two spares, two batteries, and two trans coolers. I upgraded to some king 4.0's and 2.5 bumps. Lastly I ended up pulling off a miracle and building a camburg full floater rear end to replace the ole 70's 9". the truck currently sits on 37's but is fitted to run 40's.jubera.jpgjubera 2.jpgjubera 3.jpgjubera 4.jpgjubera 5.jpg so far in about a year we have put thousands of hard miles on this truck with virtually zero issues that forced us to grab a trailer. She gets driven to the desert/races, we play all day, and then she gets driven home! Just like we envisioned it!tundra 1.jpgtundra 2.jpgtundra 3.jpg If you made it this far, there is a TON of pictures on instagram (86YotaRunner) and our business instagram is (HiDesertMotorSports) feel free to drop a follow there and I'll try my best to continue updating this thread when I can!


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Never thought I’d say this about 40”s but they would look very good on this truck haha. One of these days we need to meet up so i can get a ride in this thing! For a baseline tune it looks like it’s complete butter!
Never thought I’d say this about 40”s but they would look very good on this truck haha. One of these days we need to meet up so i can get a ride in this thing! For a baseline tune it looks like it’s complete butter!
I have been trying to make better decisions with my money this last year, otherwise 40’s would already be on it! She needs them for sure though 😂. Lemme know the next time you plan to be out in Johnson and we will be there! 🤘
Did you stretch the front clip? I likely need to do this as well and was curious if there were any major pitfalls to it.
yep! I have always moved the cab back to clear bigger tires instead of cutting the firewall and opening up that can of worms. so the front clip is pushed forward to keep the portions correct and then we extended the mini fenders on this clip. my old clip I had the one piece cut in half and extended. kinda pick your poison. would rather redo a mini fender then have to redo a huge one piece if it ever needs replaced