Good storage options for prerunners


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Sep 7, 2023
Mohave Valley
I'm getting close to my Blazer running again and I'm trying to figure out what to do for storage & organization.

Vinyl bags?
Pelican style hard cases?

I need to put the space under my front seats to use as it's wasted, plus figure out something for the bottoms of the doors.

The issue is most of the hard cases won't fit well, and the few bags I'm finding from PRP, Mastercraft, and Dirt Bagz are sized wrong. I can't even find a website for Dirt Bagz.

I'd also like to do something like my old F250 has, which is a cubby in the bottom of the door with a zipper. The issue is the Ford parts are plastic and will not survive offroad too well, so I'd need someone to do a custom vinyl bag to make my own.

The local upholstery shops here haven't been very keen on my ideas. Not sure why? This stuff seems simple to make? Some felt, some heavy marine grade vinyl, and some zippers?


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Door bags are cool and underseat or sides is nice. Hostyle makes custom ones too.
I have 2 swag action packer boxes in my bronco. They work pretty good.


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Frontrunner boxes… super sturdy, great sizes, and you can crank them down with straps without crushing them. Mine have many thousands of dirt miles with zero issues.
3d printer????? custom aluminum boxes........ i went to a canvas type shop and had them make some things. its getting harder to get the little extra custom stuff made. no money in it or they dont understand. what about some shops in baja?
Free Milwaukee tool bags are my go to recently. Brother in laws are Milwaukee guys. I was using husky or craftsman tool bags for years but UV light destroyed them and I did t wanna buy more.