Ditch Loop Trail Work

With longer daylight hours here, who wants to come out for some no dig session laps? Best way for me to figure out what is working or not is to see people hit it.
Picked up this big boy trimmer brush cutter as my Homelite died.
Great news, it has a big 18" cutting circle and will probably run .155 twine. The bad news, it is to big and heavy to ride in so I still need to hike it in.
Oh, she eats...
Did a bunch with both the 10" brush cutter Chinese Star thing and with 0.155 line crammed in the head. The 0.155 will not bump feed, but it lasts such a long time through grass and mustard it isn't even funny. I have to pause to let it cool down way more than I have to feed more line. Only had a few line breaks using line as a brush cutter.
The metal brush cutter is awesome for taking the front off the bushes on the edge of the trail, but is less effective on grass / mustard due to the smaller cutting circle. I hit dirt and rocks way less than I thought I was going to.
Ditch climb is opened to the top between Bob and myself. Bob also opened up the section that I built the bypass / switch backs around. The ruts I had issue with somewhat have filled in. Bob also started down Ditch DH brush cutting but I don't know how far he got. I will head up today and probably finish Ditch DH and get into Riddler's Revenge.