Cage tie-ins? Bushings. NHV transfer


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Apr 17, 2022
I know these old 90s frames need to flex.
If you don’t let them flex, you better make them stiff.

I have a cab cage with no frame tie in. Original design was just to protect the cab from shaking apart and create strong mounting points

I had a bed cage that was relatively strong.

My f150 frame cracked right near the rear bump stops. I hear it’s a common spot because the C is smallest there.

I assume my bed age held the center of the frame forcing the rear to flex more than normal.

I plated the frame from the cab back. Welded up the crack, and added an X inside the frame to reduce lateral shimmy/shake.

I’m now worried with the rear quite stiff, I’m going to induce cracking in other places.

I need to tie my bed cage into my cab cage, and my cage to the frame to disperse energy.

I put a lot of miles on my truck and it’s very quiet and comfortable inside. I have new door seals, new door strikers, dynamat everywhere. Headliner, lots of insulation ect. My truck really drives nice and tight and quiet at 70mph with the AC and cruise on.

I’m looking for advice on the best way to tie my bed cage to my cab cage, below the rear window.
See pictures of my plan. I will use a sleeve/poly bushing to isolate the cab from the frame mounted bed cage.

Tips? Ideas? Am I going to be disappointed with the noise no matter what I do?IMG_1724.jpegIMG_1725.jpegIMG_5249.jpeg



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it’s easier that way for sure… change your upper bypass spherical bearing to urethane bushings.

Besides headsets, that’s the single best noise reduction action I’ve taken.
There has been a number of trucks built that had the shock mounts attach to the cagework with poly bushings to isolate the bypass noise and it makes a huge difference. I think Spirit Racing are the guys that commonly run that setup
Solid mount. Buy headsets. Sent it
I agree with Wally. Your Foxes should be pretty quiet. Ps. the truck is awesome!:love:

My truck is 100% solid engine is way louder than the shocks or anything else by far! You almost need ear plugs plus headsets. I am just old and grumpy. My chick swears I'm losing my hearing...probably so...old straight piped Cummins and a loud 427 Ford probably hasn't helped.
My Tacoma was fully solid mounted with FOX 3.0 bypasses front and rear and I didn't hear them clicking even once when driving the truck. You drive a caged off-road truck, if noisy bypass shocks bother you then get some bushing upper mounts for the shocks and/or headsets and send it
I did a Scout 2 roll cage back in the day that was bushing mounted since the cage was just in the interior of the scout and didn't project through the firewall or anywhere else. I used the Synergy Cage Mount bushing kits that I used to sell at polyperformance. Similar to this.

They worked good and the cage didn't ad any more noise to the vehicle. It also didn't ad much stiffness to the chassis either I don't feel.
Soft top and and not at all quiet, but it also has zero insulation on the tub, 40s, a 6.0, and a very stubby exhaust to make way for the links out back. (Maybe I'm getting old, but I'd love a slightly larger muffler to quiet it down if I could figure out where to fit it.)

I mainly did my cage with bushings because my body mounts were already bushings and I didn't want my 6 cage to frame tie in points to become the new body mounts.
On a similar topic to NVH reduction, has anybody found a universal rubber bushing that can be welded in similar to a polyurethane setup? I have been less than thrilled with the performance of urethane on motor mounts and want to try something new.

Metalcloak makes an elastomer joint that fits in a weldable housing but are $40. They have a neat video of a shaker table and acceleromter readings comparing force transfer too

Jeep rubber bushings seem pretty generic but rely on being pressed into a housing. Clevite is a common name for this rubber and on most OEM applications.

Bushing Housing are available for most press in sizes it seems but again, press in is a pain for maintenance although should motor mounts ever really fail?

Anybody know of a universal bushing that doesn't rely on a pressed fit?