Adventure Endeavor's TTB Grand Wagoneer Build

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Apr 8, 2022
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For the longest time, we have always wanted a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The wife and I have always loved the classic look, the ability to haul gear, seat multiple people, and the fact that it's full-size. For those of you that don't know we have had many different builds throughout the years. Our first real offroad truck was a 2001 XJ Cherokee. Eventually, it had 35s, ARB lockers, and was boatsided.
After doing a ton of wheeling and exploring in the XJ it was time to go fast. So with the help of @the_fablab_ we built a 1993 TTB Ford Explorer. It was everything we wanted....for a while. It had coil-overs up front with 16" of wheel travel and working 4x4. In the rear it had a cantilever set up with 20" of travel, this little expo worked great!
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Although we loved the Expo we kept finding ourselves driving further and further to explore. We ended up buying a 2016 Ram 2500 and attempted to make it a do-all truck. It now currently has 37s, King 2.5s up front, and a Thuren axle truss. The rear has a lot going on with (4) 2.5 kings and airbags with daystar cradles.

Here's a fun video of us wheeling the Ram in Moab Utah.
We have been living on the road full-time for the past three years. The Ram has been working overtime, as a DD, tow rig, and our offroad truck. Finding ourselves wanting a second vehicle, we decided that life is short. It was time to build that Grand Wagoneer we talked about earlier.

The Grand Wagoneer has entered the chat....
While camping in Colorado this Wagoneer popped up on the Facebook marketplace. The wife and I made a 6-hour drive to the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. Taking the owner's word that the Jeep was in great mechanical shape. We wanted something that was decent mechanically, knowing we would be driving this thing around the country for the next 6 months before the build.
Here's a video of that adventure.

The Jeep made it back to our camp spot in Colorado, but barely. The owner failed to mention that it had a massive oil leak from the pan, A/C didn't work, as well as 3 of the 5 windows. With the help of some fellow nomads, we changed the oil pan gasket(Laying down in the dirt) and got a couple of the windows to work.
Stoked to see this keeps evolution from here. Although it’s ‘done’ there is so much more that will be added to it I’m sure.
After buying the Jeep I knew I had to make it somewhat reliable. Considering we would be driving it around the country for the next 6 months before the build.
We did about 5 weeks in Colorado, then headed up to Wyoming, and then actually made our way all the way to Michigan for the summer. Overall the Jeep did pretty well. Few small issues had to adjust that two barrel carburetor multiple times, and replace a few vacuum lines. Largest issue was the 9MPG out of the old 360 V8.
It was a super fun summer, cruising around in this old Jeep. We got a lot of looks and it was quite funny. Just running errands and living normal life. We had been buying parts for the build ever since we bought the Jeep and shipping them back to Southern California. One thing that was extremely difficult to find was a Ford bronco front frame section. We had scheduled the build for September with @the_fablab_ it was getting down to the wire to find that frame section so I went to a junkyard in Minnesota. The guys there were incredible, totally different experience from a So Cal junkyard.

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Collecting parts was fun, basically the whole drive from Minnesota to Southern California we were collecting parts. Both the Jeep and the Ram were packed tight! We had the frame of the roof of the ram, got an 8.8 in Oregon and a 4l80e in Northern California and also had a transfer case from Nebraska, and the beams we in there as well.
We finally made it back to Southern California and the build was getting ready to start. @the_fablab_ was going to be doing most of the build and the fabrication work obviously. But I had to prep a bunch of stuff before I brought it over to Mike. The time line was originally 2 weeks, to do all the suspension, and a LS/4l80e swap. We know it was very ambitious.
It was like Christmas, opening all the parts when we got back! We got an Aussie Locker along with a c clip eliminator kit for the 8.8.
I had the frame sand blasted before we brought it to the shop. It was definitely needed.
The Wagoneer is a little on the hefty side so Mike ordered custom leafs from Deaver. We weighed the Jeep before the build, 5100 lbs stock with gear in the back.
Heres a video of going though all of the parts
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What happened to it?

It should be noted that this was the first beamed truck I have driven... even after completely beaming my Sonoma.... and it was AWESOME. So incredibly plush.
What happened to it?

It should be noted that this was the first beamed truck I have driven... even after completely beaming my Sonoma.... and it was AWESOME. So incredibly plush.
The transfer case blew up and caused a lot of issues. It's now currently up and running, going out for a run tomorrow.

Mike knows his stuff, this truck works great!
After getting most of the parts and the Jeep over to the shop it was time to cut into this thing. @the_fablab_ and myself had a great idea of cutting the front frame section off, dropping the motor, transfer case, front axle and transmission all out at once and it worked so good.

It was a TRUE frame off restoration!😂
Here's a full video of that process, it worked so well!
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