4x4 "Family Size" Prerunner Platforms

I have owned a ton of different “Family” based off road toys. Baja bugs, K5, OBS Crew Cab, SXS, OJ Bronco and now this 69 Jeepster. So far the Jeepster is the most well rounded unit. It can go anywhere…… it goes fast enough through most stuff “7” of uptravel all around, fits a family of 4, Smog exempt and it’s a classic. It’s a blast to drive on the street, it can do 80 on the freeway no problem. We did a run last year from Wildomar up to Pioneertown, then we hit the Big Bear crawler trails and dropped into town and then drove home. Over 300 miles. None of the rigs I have owned in the past could perform good in all those different terrain types.


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I looked into these pretty heavily as my wife drives a second gen Sequoia and a friend had this Tundra for a few years. There was even a fairly well built one at the Cinders this year. Wouldn't be bad for a mild build but even the race kits that get rid of the weak-ish spindles don't boost the ground clearance much. Luckily 37s fit easily and the steering holds up with basic mods. The back seat is roomy but I'm not sure it's quite enough for bigger kids for multiple days. The C pillar also makes it a bit Closter phobic as it sweeps up and ends early so you really can't enjoy much scenery. They're also heavy, big, and seem to have thinner sheetmeal and panels than domestic vehicles of the same period. Basically. I'm not a fan but would DD a built one everyday.
All valid points. I have dreams of turning my 2014 into a mildly built truck for simple trips with the family.
I know Richer just did the silverado 1500 TTB swap with the fabricated cross member. Are Tahoe's the same frames in the front as the silverado 1500's. I'd guess they are.
Do you know if that is something they readily make or was it more one off?
Do you know if that is something they readily make or was it more one off?
I don't know if its available as an "off the self" or WIY kit but i did see solid works drawings of it which leads me to believe they can make it again. Id imagine it would be one of those things that they'd would do it they where doing the install / build. I'm just guessing tho.