Local Legend SAS 05 4runner prerunner build


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May 5, 2022
Hi all, saw my buddy Brett post his old DR thread and figured its time to finally create mine. So here it is.

This is my 05 4runner build. Ill post it in series of its life. First off i started with it as my truck to drive from socal to montana and had it setup as an overland rig.
Once i moved back to socal that life didnt fit me anymore and it was time to make it my dream, GO FAST SOLID AXLE.

The beginning of this stage of the build happened as soon as i blew up my stock rear end. I dropped it off with JRT fab (same guy who did Brett's cage, same issues).
While he had it i had him swap out the 8" for a ford 9" out of a ford econline, I installed a ruffstuff back truss, spool, 4.88 gears and chromo shafts. Swapped from the lame 5-link setup and went to a spring under deaver h70 pack.


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Next up after this stage and it sat for a few months while i collected parts, I brought it back to JRT to have it caged and the front done.

For the front I built a diamond housing with a toyota 8" HP diff and dana 60 king pin outers. Whole plan with layout was to keep it 4wd but keep the unsprung weight low.

Now that it was done at the shop the headaches came. First trip to the desert it rode terrible and broke right away.. On top of that i had some cycling issues.
Now that I found the issues i rebuilt the front and got it cycling correct. Now that it was fixed it was time to take it to barstow and test and tune with king. This day went well, King got it working quite a bit better than before and i ws happy with how it was running towards the end of the day while going down main i had my rear shock rip off from a bad weld.60443566062__52FAA17B-079C-418A-893C-F31DE1CC463A.JPG

I got home and fixed the mount and recycled it realizing it was bumping on itself.
After the first season with the truck was over i knew i needed to upgrade the rear. The deavers kept breaking and just couldnt keep up. So I decided to link it. I did a lot of research before and decided to a do a z-link setup so i could keep my stock fuel tank and still have the performance of a 4-link.

I ordered pre made tabs from TMR and went with a rock bouncer style trailing arm. This setup worked out for my setup since i was limited on space and needed the shock mount capable of being moved during cycling so i could make sure everything cleared and the shocks could be set at the proper angle. This setup with the shock mounts being above the plane of the joints made me have to go with a woddle stopper so the link wouldnt rotate more than 4 degrees to svae from bending the shocl=k shafts.
With having the limitations i had with having a suv, cage already installed, staying with a 4 seater, and running a z-ling. My upper shock mount was a huge ordeal to get in the correct spot. I had to notch the frame to allow the shock to fit between the tire and the frame, and i had to convert my bypass to remote resivor. The bump stop mount my cousin Blake oliver designed on cad and ended up working out perfectly. The way bar was tricky to get to fit with my limited space on this platform. The clearance between the rod end on the heim and the bump stop is legit an 1/8" but ended up clearing. IMG_3967.jpegIMG_4003.jpegIMG_4109.jpegIMG_4262.jpeg
First trip went amazing. Truck blew my mind how well it worked out of the box. But second trip was a different stroy lol. I ended up blowing off a resivor in the rear that covered myself and the entire interior in hot oil. And then I some how lost every ring gear bolt in my front diff.IMG_4682.jpegIMG_4680.jpeg65732158211__AB6ADCB1-6F20-4E90-BFAD-FBBBF13630D9.jpeg65749026314__377AD80F-4BAD-4C0C-BC0D-0848B5DCD07D.jpeg