Roger The Raptor

Looks like a good trip, smart not pushing your luck with the tow truck.

Do you know how much your trailer set up weights?

The trailer completely dry weighs 3000lbs. Full of fresh water, propane, all the camping gear and the things i have added i bet its pushing close to 4000lbs, which is a little worrisome since its only got a 3500lb axle under it. The standard 3.5k axles come with a 2-3/8" axle tube so i ordered an upgraded axle with a thicker 3" tube but still using the 3.5k spindles so I don't have to change the wheel bolt pattern.
Nice dude! I want to make a trip out for my birthday in the middle of March. You game?

Hey Bodj, I think we are going back out to Cal City March 8th-10th. Annie has an event that weekend so I’m probably gonna head out with Wes.

A couple updates on Roger. So any 10-14 Raptor that was sold in Saudi Arabia came with a bigger transmission cooler (not sure why) but the part number is still active and the part is readily available. It adds another quart to the system and drops the trans temp about 5 degrees.





I ordered some Revlock “sure lock” a few days ago. No better time to throw down a
Thorough nut and bolt check. Stuff works great!




I bought an old rear bump stop bracket kit off of @2012SVTSC on here. It’s a discontinued kit from ReadyLift. I love the old Raptor stuff so I’m stoked I was able to snag it! Now looking for a set of 2.5x2.5 7/8” pin top bump stops.


EDIT. Almost forgot. I bought a 20” Baja Designs S8 light bar for the center section of the front bumper. The plan is to do some modifications to the oem bumper which means deleting the outer bumper lights. It’ll look something like this..


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