Ride and Seek


Feb 15, 2023
Well I should have posted this before the event, but I wanted to get it on everyone’s radar for next year. BK2Baja puts on an even called the ride and seek at lazer town in johnson valley. It’s a GPS scavenger hunt with riddles and such. You have a time limit and try to get as many points as possible before your time runs out. Super rad event!!! They have 2 classes UTV and Passanger vehicle. Awesome prizes, lots of vendors, a really rad event I recommend attending next October.


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dude what sounds like a great time... this a kid-friendly event?
Yes sir! Tons of kids, my little neighbor came out with me and did the pro eagle jack competition. They have a jump contest for RC cars too and have a kids class
is Johnson Valley the far as fuck one, from me in PHX?

edit. shoulda asked papa first. he said its not the BARSTOW far for us, but its pretty far. thats where @85Yota lives........ right, Tommy?
I agree with the original post I rode shot gun with @deangraen for the day and it was by far one of the coolest and well thought out offroad events i'v ever done. Oh and that big camo chevy towed us back to laser town after a pinion support failure. Good dudes!