Off-road windshield / frame / material ???


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Apr 13, 2022
for the buggy.......... anyone on here maybe have suggestions or experience making/working on one?

papa has brought this up before a couple times, but he did again this morning and i thought id ask everyone on here about it/maybe start a thread about itt? not sure about that though considering almost no one on here drives buggies. hah


we want to put a windshield on the buggy. thought about maybe doing a plexiglass one but, in all reality...... i mean who drives their trucks hard offroad and ever actually SHATTERS their windshield..........? so fuck it. maybe well just build a little square tube/rebar/small round tube frame to "sandwhich" the glass in? then bolt the frame to the front a-frame part????
I recommend an automotive glass (trying to find something that fits the exact dimensions might be difficult though). You can build a basic frame out of aluminum or steel and velcro the windshield to the frame. Then you can remove it if you want. Ps. don't use too much velcro (or you will have a hell of a time removing it).
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