different hubs front, back, scrub

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
so as i am looking into all the options that are available with hubs i thought i would start one thread that would help others with the difference of many of the hubs out there. front rear, scrub + - compared to stock.
i read a post from hollander motorsports where he compared his front hubs to a stock D44 and a sandy cone. he also said that cho's hubs are rebranded cones. i am not sure on that, just what i have read.
i spoke to mitch at mitchmade about his front hubs.
the one big question i did not ask is why don't people run the rear hubs up front? then you only have to carry i spare set of parts. is it scrub or???

here is the link to hollandermotorsports post comparing his hubs.

(Middle is Sandy Cone Hub, which Cho private labels. Far right is Stocker. One significantly throws off the scrub, which is already bad from the factory)
basically hollanders hubs are the same scrub as a stock D44. so if you are changing hubs on a already built truck, this maybe a good option.
sandy cones will add some scrub (5/8??) per side
mitch made hubs will have less scrub of about 5/8 if i understood him correctly. so this would narrow your track width. good to know for a already built truck. here is a link of his front hubs as he measurs them out at 2 7/8.

how about other hubs out there? Jmar, proam, camburg, summers bros, speedway and others????. and still the question as to why run different hubs front/rear?
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Pro-am are the only ones that you can find any information on dimensions of their parts, and they claim a 4.75” snout mounting surface to wheel mount surface. That’s almost 2” larger offset when compared to the Mitch made hubs. As far as front/rear use, pro-am prerunner series and the cone 2.5 hubs I have can be used front or rear as the front dust cap/hub centric is a hat that bolts on like a drive plate. Camburg and blitzkrieg look to have part of the hub centric machined as part of the front hub face.