Gordons Well / Glamis / Buttercup Trips


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Apr 13, 2022
I don't THINK I've started a thread like this before. So, here. If I did, mods mawmacita', Ellsters', SteveyWeveyBoy, or whoever can moved/edit/delete it or WHATEVER THIS THREADADEAD.

Since our whole dune group has fucking disappeared since i decided to go head to hood, literally, on a beanbeans minivan about 7 years ago.
whenever we go i literally text EVERYONE IN MY PHONE that used to go/does go/would go andd everyone has a reason they cant go.

so here.........
(im going to forget i made this thread next time we go and ill prolly post another one. hah)

Gordons Well this weekend, 3/17 - 3/19. just papa and i in the buggy. Brogsters is with his mom for the weekend and papa wants to go. but we got no one to go with us!
Hopefully you guys made it out, unfortunately my dune season is over. The scooter needs a new top end and I have yet to repair my K5 from KOH shenanigans
Made it to Dateland....

pulled over to piss.....

papa checked the toyhauler shit, no 12V stuff would turn on......... what the fuck.

open up the battery compartment stuff, completely fried wire ran to one of the batteries. chased it a little ways......... only to find out that IT SOMEHOW ARCED OUT BAD RIGHT NEXT TO ONE OF THE PROPANE TANKS. There's a huge flash/spark/mark on one of the propane tanks.

it COULD have blown us to itty bitty pieces.
unplugged everything, tucked our tail between our legs, drove back home.

papa chased the wire up under the 5th wheel part and to the big trailer plug. idk. he got it figured out somehow. i didn't bother to ask/find out what it was/what happened as i can barely wire a power and ground headlight....... hah
anyone going Easter?!??!?!

that's our last possibility for this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE WORDS CAME OUT OF PAPAS MOUTH THIS SEASON, "should we just sell the car? i mean we dont go and no one else goes anymore!??!!?"

going to try for Gordons again this weekend.
with BroggieBear tho. hopefully he'll be our good luck charm and not make anything break or go wrong............ ha