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Mar 11, 2024
Whats up everyone, heres the build thread on our tiny samurai that i race in the 4600 stock class at KOH. Ill post little by little. The car started out 100% stock when my brother picked it up from a family friend, then i baught it from him and ran it stock and would upgrade it little by little as things wore out. It was my daily driver for a bit, then our camping rig, wed pack it full of coolers and camping gear, joe hauler on the back with my dirtbike, and drive it out to ocotillo wells for the weekends. Then.... it snowballed like all builds do... heres the car in most of its stock formnmJaLASk-7500402.jpgScreenshot_20200301-125042_Instagram.jpgAtMTSpBp-129614180.jpg0GrzDqdc-129670906.jpg


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A Few more shots of the car during the days when i would drive it to and from the desert and camp out of it regularly. Still stock with 30" all terrains
The first real mods i did to the car were removing the carpet and spraying in bedliner, i added some bucket seats i got for cheap from a buddy, and eventually added a rear locker and chromo shafts in the back. I wheeled it like this for maybe a year before finding a front axle already set up with truss, locker, chromo shafts, and bigger brakes for $500. I swapped that in and its been in the car ever since. Here are some pics from when i had all this done to the car.nmJaLASk-7500402.jpg20191222_193357.jpg20191222_193450.jpgIMG_8072.jpg20170731_195425.jpg20180821_193059.jpg20180613_191640.jpg
SO after swapping in the used front axle, i dropped the car off to a friend and they chopped out a few inches of the rocker panel and added square tube and made what i would call mini boat sides. He also made me a super simple and solid t case mount that tucked the t case up making it a complete flat belly. After that he added a simple back bumper and tow hitch. This is pretty much how the car was for about 4 years or so. I wheeld the hell out of it like this running every big bear trail, hells revenge in moab, and turkey claw and chocolate thunder (with winching) in JV.
So around 2021/2022 i was thinking of caging the car, i ended up finding a cage that was out of a king of the hammers samurai. The team was re doing their cage for better visability. So i picked it up for $800 bucks. It was an ultra4 banded cage. Over the course of a couple weeks i modified it and friends and i got it welded in. This is about the time we decided that since we already had a tagged cage.... we might as well try to race it! 20211111_144510.jpg20211111_150729.jpg20211111_170325.jpg20211113_105948.jpg20211226_121337.jpg20211230_193306.jpg20220130_125951.jpgIMG_20220528_213919_110.jpg20211113_105958.jpg


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