KOH suzuki samurai


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Mar 11, 2024
Whats up everyone, figured id post up and introduce myself.
My name is nick and my friends and i have built my suzuki samurai to race in the KOH everyman challenge.

We wheel all the time in socal while not racing and just generally enjoy being outdoors, and offroading. Ill be posting a build thread soon to document where our build started at and where were at now.


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Legend! Welcome!

Was so rad watching you guys on the first lap Turkey Claw. Almost rolling it and then kept going!

What size tires are on that thing 33s?
Right on! Thanks a lot, i thought for sure we were gunna flop. My codawg deserves the credit for getting us out of that one. Were running 31's!
I tried to cycle 32s but it would have given us 1.5" of less travel up front and only 1/2" more ground clearance so i figured wed take the up travel. Ill start a build thread here soon, just lagging on it.