GMT800 hydroboost conversion


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Jul 27, 2023
Anyone done it themselves? How big a project is it? I’m on my 3rd vacuum brake booster. Next time I’m converting to hydroboost. Read a lot, found some articles seems straight forward and simple just didn’t have the time and money to do it this time. I didn’t find anyone that makes a kit though, anyone know of one or just piece it together? Using a hydroboost equiped truck as reference?

I put a hydro boost in my F100. I did use an early 2000’s f450-ish unit I got from EBay. Picked up a dual return Saginaw p/s pump (I read some posts about modifying a single return, but this was easier). Hoses are mostly straight forward.

One of the things I did have to do, was make a spacer to go between it and the firewall to bring the brake pedal down some. Milled it out of some 1” aluminum. My pedal was still too high so I pie cut my pedal and bent it down and welded it.

Sorry I don’t have any p/n’s


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I did my '05 1500 around 10 years ago. It's straightforward; I think I just pulled ACDelco part numbers for either a 2500HD or 1500HD, including dual-return pump and pedal. It's all plug & play. The guide you posted seems to exactly what I did, with the addition of installing a Borgeson #000937 (I had the shaft chatter at the time).

The only issue I had was the first pump I ordered was noisy, so I returned/replaced. It seems to me I remember reading a lot of people having that problem.
It's easy on a GMT800. Install hydroboost, install hoses, replace PS pump with one that has extra return, plug back of intake where vacuum came from. Takes like an hour to do because of PS pump.