Drew’s Fab


Jul 27, 2023
Looking for some Drew’s Fab reviews. I follow them on Instagram and was looking at a 3rd brake light housing. They have seemed legit when asking about a couple other product they have for my Silverado but then I started seeing some bad / scammy type reviews.

So what’s the consensus? I don’t need the part, just wanted it. It’s only $100 so not end of world expensive but e-commerce paying using Zelle or Apple Pay is sketchy to me it’s to hard to get money back if scammed because you approve the transaction. So I’m sketched now. Thoughts?

I highly doubt a clearly reputable shop with over 12k followers on social media is trying to scam anyone over $100 brake lights…..
While I don’t disagree with you I read some stuff in a Facebook group which changed my mind about just ordering it.

So just looking for real experience with them….
There are tons of negative reviews online that I've seen, but I think a lot of it is just people complaining to complain. My experience with him was good, just be mindful of lead times and the fact he runs a small business so communication sometimes isn't the best. Here was my experience:

I initially placed an order with him last September for a brake light for my Chevy. He was running a 50% off sale so I thought why not. A month goes by and he offered another deal on WIY rear bumpers, so I hit him up and asked if he could make a 66" one (it wasn't initially offered that wide) so I could mount it on my Bronco. He said no problem and I submitted my order. On both orders he mentioned there's a 6-ish week lead time, which didn't bother me as everyone is back logged.

Probably 4 weeks later I get an email with a shipping notification. Figured it was my brake light and decided to get some lights ordered. Well when the package showed up it was the bumper. I was stoked because it came in quicker than advertised, but left me wondering about the brake light.

Some more time goes by, and I reached out and he told me he would check on it, or there were delays with production, or the brackets were at powder coating. So I waited some more.

In January, I still haven't received my brake light, so I decided to give him a call and see what the update was. He answered, we talked for a few, and he issued me a refund and I received the funds before we hung up.

Everyone on Facebook claims they can never get ahold of him, or won't issue refunds, however, he has always answered when I've called, and typically get a response within a day by email or IG.