Finamore built single cab


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Mar 18, 2023
Getting tired of social media and this place seems much more my speed. I grew up browsing DR constantly and dreaming of owning/building a prerunner. So many iconic trucks that I drooled over but I seemed to steer towards the simple, more factory looking trucks. One piece clips and huge bedsides never really did it for me and still don’t.

My prerunner “phase” started with a 94 single cab. I purchased it my junior year of high school for $5,500. 2.3l, 5 speed, fab tech beams and radius arms, and a bed cage with bilstein resi shocks with stock leafs. Me and my buddies would go after school and jump it weekly. The truck was clean when I bought it and I kept it pretty nice up until I sold it. Some guy from Yuma drove down to Tucson and bought it from me, put it on a u-haul trailer with 2 dirt bike tie downs and drove 4 hours back to Yuma. Not sure how it made it without falling off. He sent me pictures the following weekend and absolutely destroyed the thing. Snapped the leafs, bent the rear end, and caught something on fire under the hood. Not really sure where the truck ended up, but I saw it on Craigslist a few months later with a small block in it and a super wide rear end.


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Once the white 94 was gone, I ended up buying Garrett Finamores 1990 single cab ranger. This was his truck in high school. He had it since stock and built it to where it was at when I purchased it. Bed cage, Deavers, 2.5 bypasses, full cab cage, equal length king pin beams with cross over steering, engine cage, and a stock 4.0. I daily’d this truck my senior year of high school and would drive it to the desert multiple times a week to see how far I could jump it. Tons of memories and good times in this truck when it was simple and reliable.


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I beat on the truck for a long time exactly how I bought it from Garrett. First thing I did to it was swap out the factory 7.5 rear ended with an explorer 8.8. My buddy and I decided to do it ourselves in his parents yard. We knew nothing but could weld and had the internet. We ripped the rear end out of it and it sat on jack stands for a month or so before his dad got fed up and said we needed to move it. We bought some leaf perches, set the pinion angle and welded them up. We just about had it all back together when his dad walked out, looked at it, and asked us if we were planning on driving the truck backwards. We (being young and dumb) had the rear end upside down and didn’t realize it. Funny story that we still talk about today8FABD50D-1AB4-4626-BE34-C10BB8D7BC67.jpeg
I think Matte Black is the correct color for those old Rangers.

Looks like a fun truck. how soon did you snap the leafs with an LS?
I love this truck! I think I had it as a screen saver years back haha. Garret does great work, he did an engine cage on my friends tundra last year.
I think Matte Black is the correct color for those old Rangers.

Looks like a fun truck. how soon did you snap the leafs with an LS?

Limited slip, not an LS motor (yet). Sorry I should’ve been more clear with that haha
You arent the same Cody Batten that's racing the Whiskey 50 proof next month are ya ?

Not me, probably the Cody Batten out of Phoenix. I’ve never met him, but we’ve been friends on Facebook for 10 years or so because he has a cool name 😂
always had pics of this truck on my background and always thought it was a cool simple build! stoked to see updates or just more jumping pics! haha
oh and, im sure you know and it might bug the fuck out of you. sure as hell would bug the fuck out of me. hah
but your driver side front tire.......... tread direction is flipped. hah
correct on the pass side, tire should be flipped on the wheel on driver side though. haha