Custom Owners Manual


Feb 15, 2023
wanted to share a project I’ve been working on for my truck. My own custom owners manual. I love paper Hanes car manuals, but as our rigs get more and more modified. That manual only applies to a few things. So I started making my own for my rig. Sense I’m to the point where the only thing OG ‘85 Chevy is the Cab. I needed something to reference when I have an issue. I made 2 versions. One I keep in the truck and one that stays at the trailer. The one in the rig is filled with everything I can fix on the trail. All my wiring schematics, plumbing for the hydro steering and fuel system, and part numbers, plus a cheat sheet of “year, make, and model” vehicles to appease the kid behind the counter at auto zone when I need and LS idler pully for an 85 k30.
That's awesome.

I've persoanlly used my build thread to help keep me on track in the past but I like the idea of owners manual.
It’s a never ending manual. I keep making it better. But I love that it’s paper in my had for that trip where I have no cell service and I need answers