Castle.taco - turd gen Tacoma


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Jul 26, 2023
This is my 2017 Toyota Tacoma! I promise it’s not one of THOSE 3rd gens 😂 my truck is suuuper simple with stock length IFS in the front and a simple shackle flip in the rear.

The front has Dirt King UCA’s with all the Total Chaos gussets, locked offroad hydro bumps and coilovers with 14” 600LBS springs. The front gets maybe 7” of travel on a good day due to the limit straps but they are a necessary evil to try and keep those CV’s alive!
The rear is just as simple. I run the 4xinnovations shackle flip with their 3/8” steel shackles, Barnes 4WD shock towers, and marketplace bastard leaf packs, and some 14” bilstein 5125’s. All of that can be purchased for under $800 and gives me 16” of usable travel. I’m still working on the ride height but it still drives great!
The drivetrain is basically stock with 5.29’s, an ARB air locker in the rear and Eaton E-locker in the front. I do run a FJ cruiser T-case because I’m tired of replacing actuators and the cost of the case is about the same as a new actuator. I’ll post pictures when that is fully buttoned up!
Overall I’m VERY happy with the truck as it sits! The most recent change is the custom dovetail that I drunkenly did in my garage 😂 because the bed is composite, the only took an afternoon to complete. The I had mike over at warFab make me a bumper that worked and it looks great!!! There is a Northwest Fab eco crawler and a trail gear 9” rear axle on order, so stay tuned for the update!!!



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looks like this thing is getting used properly! Nice ride... that first photo could be on the cover of overlanders gone wild.