A literal pile of garbage, 80 toyota pickup.


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Jun 6, 2024
More so a trail truck than anything, but gets the job done most of the time.

As of right now....
80 pickup body
Front half of an 85 4runner frame, some steel tube, and the back 14" of the original 80 frame.
8" axles, yukon front, detroit rear, some fancy axle shafts, and some brakes from a montero (? I think)
Rears up front, 63s out back.
11.5:1 cammed 3rz
A 5 speed toyota trans that was in some weeds
Dual cases
And you can't forget that can do attitude.

Considering going with a fabn801 chassis, keeping it small, and drooping dome weight.


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Sweet. Had an 82 on military 37’s, welded diffs, Bob’d the bed 12” and an LC engineering stage 2/3? I miss that truck. Supposedly it’s still going in TJ 12 years after I sold it. 🤘
thanks for the reminder I need to install the 3rz thats been stting on the engine stand for 2 years ....

40's ?
They turn 40’s pretty well too. We just put them on my brother’s 2RZ pickup for some “Rubber Overdrive” because it droned a little too much in 5th on 37’s.

But then again he was on BFG 37’s which are more like 35’s