Bradshaw Trail 300


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Apr 1, 2022
November 2020

Trucks: 6
1. My Turboyota
2. @84projectFORD ‘s Retarded Trophy Truck
3. @Motiracer38 ‘s Linked Toyota
4. @h0runner ‘s LT 4Runner
5. @Kellyex1450 ‘s Sleeper Toyota
6. Ameribrade Eric’s Linked Bronco


We met James and Eric at 8:30AM off Dillon Rd in Indio:

Took the power line & gas line roads Easterly toward Pinkham Canyon.

Turns I missed on the way: 2

Waited for Eric at the entrance to Pinkham Canyon and had a couple beers.


Got ahold of Eric via cell phone. He was “reconfiguring his spare tire and jack setup.” So the other 5 of us blasted into the Pink(ham) Canyon without him.

It sounds kinky because it was.

Pinkham Canyon is soft sand with lots of rocks thrown in, and my plotted route was absolute shit, so we all kinda picked our own path and kept on the gas.

Exit of Pinkham Canyon by the cottonwood visitor center. Everyone was all smiles—that trail is super fun! Celebratory beers were had.
Dirt miles so far: 43


Fueled up at Chiriaco. Eric’s Bronco and tire carrier bumper had a divorce. Eric had stashed the bumper behind some cactus off the power line road and moved the jack and spare tire onto his roof rack. The “fabricator” that installed the bumper before Eric took possession of the Bronco did a less-than-stellar job of attaching the bumper to the stock frame.

From Chiriaco, we took Red Canyon Jeep Trail 13 miles southeast to Bradshaw Trail. Lots of whoops, RZR chatter bumps, washes, and ridge running. Overall a super fun trail!

Kelly and James on the gas!


I really enjoyed watching James drive the absolute FUCK out of his retarded trophy truck. That thing fucking gets it!!

We passed 3 gayzers and stopped and waited to regroup when we hit Bradshaw Trail. @Motiracer38 noticed that he had lost his tool bag.

Heard over the radio that Eric had lost his jack, so we hung out, drank beer and talked shit. HoRunner found Motiracer38’s tool bag—score!

@Horunner deleted a light tab:

Eric had a long backtrack to get his jack. He was pretty frustrated at this point and felt bad about making us wait. We all reassured him that this is how it goes with new-to-you vehicles, and not to worry about it. Eric suggested that we all give the Bronco a thorough once-over.



We found that the motor was not bolted down because the passenger-side motor mount bolts had fallen out, the steel hood was about to fall off, and the core support support inner fenderwell structure had broken. It took 3 of us to get the hood open, and we proceeded to party and give the bronco a tuneup. Nobody had any 7/16-14 bolts to affix the motor mounts, so we started scouring the trucks for suitable replacements. Turns out Eric’s front skidplate had appropriate 7/16” bolts, so Eric and James squared away the motor mount issue while other dudes fixed the hood and played with the kids.

We were now 4 hours behind schedule, so I made the decision to call it, and we camped in Red Canyon(in the middle of the road, per usual) next to the cool mud cliffs.


I finally used my sick mood lights:

We all made delicious dinners and enjoyed the campfire and drank beer.

My day 1 beer tally: 23 Coors Lights
Times I ran out of talent and blew a corner: 1

Day 1 Carnage:
1. Bronco bumper
2. Bronco motor mount
3. Bronco inner fender tubular/angle iron core support structure
4. 4Runner light tab
5. Retarded trophy truck alignment
6. Kelly’s sleeper Toyota passenger-side mirror
Day 2: We ride at dawn, bitches!!

Friday evening @Kellyex1450 made the mistake of reading work emails and headed home through the salty bogs and tweaker encampments surrounding the Salton Sea.

The remaining 5 trucks headed to the Eagle Mountain railroad trestle.

Eric coming in hot! The RZR chatter was especially fuckity in some of the lines through the wash. We could hear AmeribradeEric’s bronco tearing itself apart before we could see it…


@84projectFORD bringing sexy back

@h0runner and @Motiracer38 at the start of Bradshaw trail.

Mines of DuPont rd. Not a whole lot to explore, but a cool side trail with lots of jumping cholla.


There was a gnarly V-notch on the climb up to the mines that I dropped the drivers front wheel into at speed. Got a couple rocks in the bead and knocked my steering wheel 30degrees clockwise. None of us could find anything bent or cracked, and the truck still tracked straight.

Whilst waiting and drinking, someone heard over the radio that @h0runner was down to 3 shocks.

@Motiracer38 went back to help.

Ruh Roh!

Everyone but @h0runner continued to drive like complete assholes and we made it into Palo Verde for overpriced fuel, jerky, and beer.

Bradshaw trail is mostly rally road. A good portion of it is graded and 2 lanes wide. Fast, flowy, and smooth.

Campsite on the Colorado River was epic!





Relaxed in the water for 3 hours and after quite a few beers we decided it was finally time to fix Tyler’s shock mount.
James’ Premier power welder is fucking badass!


Beautiful sunset, cold beers, delicious homemade chili made by Mrs HoRunner, and a nice camp fire. Great conclusion to another awesome day!
Day 3.

Colorado river back to Indio

1. Bronco battery mount—fixed with a ratchet strap
2. @h0runner shock mount (my welds lasted a solid 60~ish miles
3. @Motiracer38 driveshaft. Beaumont spent a half hour trying to straighten the driveshaft in the Palo Verde gas station parking lot. Max speed with bent driveshaft: 49MPH
4. Me: Lost clutch for the last 12 miles of red canyon jeep trail. I stayed on the goddamn gas and in fucking second gear the entire rough-as-fuck 12 miles and made it to pavement. Turns out, I lost the pedal-to-clutch master bolt. Swapped a 5/16” bolt in real quick and almost finished the fix before Motiracer38 showed up, but he caught me red-handed, guilt-ridden, with the tools splayed out on the hood. So not only did I have to tighten a hose clamp on my intake in the morning, but I had to use a 1/2” wrench to install a clutch pedal bolt.





Waited for 1.5 hours and drank by myself:


Back in Indio: helped Eric reconfigure his bumper, spare, water jug, and tire carrier that he had previously(day 1) stashed behind some cacti. That sumbitch was HEAVY!



We all made it home safe, dirty, and happy!
I didn't expect my truck to handle the drop so poorly, lol. Also one of many attempts at getting the spare tire rack to stay on.
For how little speed you were able to carry because of that turn it wasn’t too bad. Tho the 200 miles home with a vibrating drive shaft may say otherwise.