BLGT sticker possibly gets son out of a ticket.


Nov 14, 2022
So my older kid went up to California City for New Years weekend. He towed his Ranger on a flatbed trailer up there behind his Duramax. My younger son drove the RV up there.

Something happened where someone from the group needed to leave the day before with the enclosed trailer that previously brought up a side by side. So when they went to leave Cal City the day after New Years. My son threw the side by side on the flatbed trailer and had one of his buddies drive his Ranger home.

Well the Ranger is on 6 month old expired registration since we cant get it to pass a smog test. No biggie seems lots of people are still driving on expired registration.

So they are leaving Cal City with my younger son driving the RV in front, followed by my older son in his Duramax pulling the side by side and his buddy in the back driving the Ranger.

As they are approaching the town of Mojave my older son sees a Kern County Sheriff gets behind them and the Ranger. The Sheriff stays behind them the whole way through the town of Mojave with no attempt to go around. So now my older son is looking in the mirror at the Sherriff behind the Ranger and starts to panic and think “crap, he’s running the plates because he sees the expired tags”.

The group pulls into the last gas station at the edge of town to top off gas. Well the Sheriff follows them into the gas station and pulls up behind them. So, now my kid is thinking “Well its done. He got me. I hope he’s cool and doesn’t tow the Ranger for expired tags”

As my kid gets out to talk to the Sherriff, the Sheriff leans out the window and says “I saw your two Bad Lines Good Times stickers on the back of your truck” The Sherriff explains he has buddy Steve that has something to do with the Bad Lines Good Times group. (my kid didn’t remember what the Sheriff explained about Steve and BLGT) and said its cool seeing a truck with the stickers out here and supporting Bad Lines Good Times. And then the Sherriff went on his way.

So thank you Bad Lines Good Times and your stickers, Thank you to that Kern County Sheriff for being so cool, and Thank you to someone named Steve for being friends with the Kern County Sherriff.

So get yourself some Bad Lines Good Times stickers. They might just get you out of a ticket.