86 POS Yota build

What a trip down memory lane trying to get most of the pictures together. But I’ll try and do this in sections so it’s not all crazy haha.

First picture is the day I bought it from a buddy.
86 22r 5 speed
Fabtech lift spindles, 31x15 tires, lunchbox locker

Second picture was about a year after; always wanted a lowered mini truck so I said hell with it and sold all the parts and went to stock and sailed her to the ground. On eagle alloy 028’s (period correct 🙄)

Third picture was about a year and a half after. Truck became useless being slammed and dallied whilst delivering pizza. So I got some CTW lift spindles and tires and wheels and redid what I already had.


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Now where this is where it gets going.

A buddy with a yota was going links, so for a small price and dam near free, we took his backhalf and grafted it to my truck. Took it out and wasn’t horrible but was definitely not ideal.
F67, 12” shackle, King 3.0 3 tube 18” bypass
22 gallon cell.

Few weeks later, gutted and skinned the cab and bought some chromoly and we started caging it. While it was being caged, I built a front bumper and added some eBay HID’s.

Put a simple engine “cage” pretty much for just some Valved 2.0 smoothies to at least help slow the front down.

Finished it up for new years, loaded it on a borrowed flatbed(?) and tried to enjoy whatever it was that I had there. Carb failed halfway thru the first day, made it work then ripped out the alternator harness.

Had to figure something out.


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Months go by, still didn’t know what I wanted to do and I wasn’t throwing another 22r in.

Pulled the motor, pulled the front stock kit and lift spindles off. Acquired a 5vzfe (3.4) and a 5 speed from a buddy. Swapped it in and thought that’s what was gonna live in there for a long time.

From being slammed and being able to take out road reflectors with the factory cross member, we used some template paper, a bunch of measurements and cut out a new crossmember out of 3/16” plate with 2” .250 sleeves and bushings.

During that time I purchased a JD Fab race kit and steering from a buddy that wasn’t going thru with building his truck. All brand new, just sat.

Started to mock-up and tab out after the crossmember was burned together and burned onto the truck.


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Started with the basics of an engine cage, mounted the radiator and started making shock mounts and playing with shock angles and seeing my options.

Got the shocks where I wanted them and started to cycle. Initial plans were 35” tires with 15” wheels. Well that got thrown out the window, went with 37” Projects and 17” Raceline monster beadlocks.

Dana 44 big bearing hubs, 5/8” studs, Kibble lug nuts, James way off-road billet covers.

Finally got it to a roller and thought i got somewhere but was way wrong.


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Since ditching the 5vzfe idea away, there went 95% of the firewall and 1/2 the floor. My personal first time ever doing any of this.

Had to mount the LS and TH400 in there and start making a skeleton around them out of 3/4” tubing.

Well while in there and got the panels and trans tunnel finished up, mounted the Mcniel dash, mounted the steering wheel. After dash was mounted and knew where the steering wheel/column was going. I mounted the gauges, and the master cylinders.


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By the time that all got finished and whatnot, my motor was all finished up from Moruzzi and the TH400 from Culhane was also ready. Had a buddy do the intake while I was waiting on motor and trans to be done.

Mounted it back in the truck, had to chop the mounts and move it about an inch forward cause I mocked it up without the centerlink in the truck (rookie mistake)

While there I added more tubes from the engine cage to the cab cage.

In the meantime a buddy of mine handled getting the 14 bolt stripped down, truss welded on and conversion hubs installed. No gears in there at that time but that’s fine.


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Now after all that, had some time to finally get to the random stuff I needed to get done before my truck left my buddies shop.

Built a front bumper for the 4 KC’s, mounted the front one piece, and made my way to the back and mounted the dual spares.

Oh btw, this is a different backhalf than previous LOL


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Eventually, truck got done and finally got to drive it. There were some hiccups like always but no biggie. Got the truck done by new years of 2021/2022.

Well day one I lost all brakes, and had two bad leaking axle seals. Well come to find out, both hub nuts backed off and destroyed the snouts on the fresh 14 bolt haha all bad.

Trip two was way more successful, until I found a massive hole and speed and found the bump stop but that’ll be okay.


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Now about a year later, after having multiple random shutting off issues and chasing non existent problems. Well come to find out, thank god to the internet, a guy on Facebook hit me up about what he did. Come to find out during Covid, when Holley was producing the Terminator X’s they had some supply issues and sent out a lot of those wire harness’ with the wrong fuel pump relay, ever since I switched it over to the correct relay the truck hasn’t shut off for no reason since.

Truck dyno’d 305 hp/ 306 tq, it’s very ideal for a truck this size.

During some time here and there. Had Tex mount the bedsides (cause mounting bedsides is awful)
I added a 3.0 3 tube bypass and have just been enjoying it.

Truck was built in a dirt lot on pizza delivery money, it’s not even close to perfect and that’s why it’s POS Yota, even says it on the license plate. It will only be on leafs until next summer, I’ve now broken 4 maybe 5 leaf packs now.

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer. Thanks for even reading all this haha.


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Fuck yeah badassfatass! Awesome build story! Don’t forget your fucking sunblock this summer!
This truck looks like a ton of fun. Lots of power and a tight, nimble chassis makes for good times.
This makes me want another pickup. I've always liked the JD kit, especially when paired with an LS.
Finally got around to mounting the headlights. Played with some ideas and finally decided on a plan and got after it.


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