2022 Easter Jeep Safari


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Feb 8, 2023
Me and the old man decided last year that we were going to see what EJS was all about, I had some friends making the trip out from Michigan so the least I could do was drive 10 hours to meet up with them. I had never been to Moab other than passing through and the jimmy would have been ready for its shakedown (though I had yet to even purchase it when the trip was planned).

We stayed in one of the cabins at the Moab KOA, it was kind of pricey but completely worth it by the time you factored in driving an extra vehicle with the toy hauler or the cost of a hotel room. Initially we planned on loading up my gooseneck with both my dads CJ5 and my K5, but dad didn’t have his jeep ready and diesel was north of 6 a gallon at the time. So we stacked all of our gear on my little trailer, hooked it to the jimmy and sent it...

It was a great time. Got to meet up with some awesome people from all over the Midwest that came out. Best part was we didn’t fit in with any of the jeep crowd and we didn’t care either, I really thought we’d get a few sideways looks on the trails but it was generally quite the opposite.

It was kind of mid week when we were there but it was really quiet considering. Could have been the price of fuel at the time, but we also did a pretty good job of staying away from the planned group rides. But even the expo was pretty slow for what you’d expect. For only a couple days a wheeling we covered hells revenge and fins n things, didn’t want to push the truck too hard since it was our transportation home too! Annnd photo dump:

So for starters this was the Jimmy about 3 weeks before we had to leave4FD9A201-9391-41BE-AB65-9E2B5B945222.jpeg

Making our way out from AZ. Thing did awesome for the 1300 mile trek there and back6918C6FA-31B3-447F-BB7B-2620D81BB050.jpeg

Hells revenge with the Midwest crew
I've been to Moab... but never in Moab haha.

It's for sure a bucket list trip for me and I hope to head out there soon...
I've been to Moab... but never in Moab haha.

It's for sure a bucket list trip for me and I hope to head out there soon...
Such a cool place, makes me wonder why I hadn't gone sooner! There's something for every type of recreation there
Love it up there. We head there in 2 weeks. First time my wife and kids will get to experience it but i think im on my 6th or 7th trip at this point. We got a couple families comin with that are not real hard core wheelers so instead of running the normal stuff like cliff hanger, poison spider to golden crack or pritchett, we are going to try more scenic stuff which im down for. I do want to get them all on Hell Revenge. as far as im concerned, its like the best all around trail
I'm down for a trip. We were 2 years ago and only did the fins and things trail since we were alone. Wanted to go back since
I'd like to get a trip going out here too... the only time I've been is when we brought @sdecurti 4 runner back from Denver.

lets goooo
I'm all about a trip back to Moab! A few of my friends that live in Ouray frequent the place and know it like the back of their hand. I agree though, Hells Revenge is a great all around trail. My Jimmy basically got its shakedown on that one.