2007 Silverado Family Runner


Mar 14, 2023
Hey everyone,

So I have been wanting to post this up since I bought the truck. Sorry for the long post. Earlier this year I went and bought Marcels old crew cab silverado from the guy he sold it to years ago. I knew it needed some work and got it at a really good price so I jumped on it. Upon bringing it home, the original plan was just to replace all the heims and uniballs on the kit as they were pretty corroded and I didn't want any failures on the trail having the family in the truck. Pretty much just do the minimum to get it out this year. Upon tearing into it, I knew that was not going to be the case. Every nut and bolt so far has been either seized or missing, and nothing was taken care of or maintained, so I started ripping into everything to see what it really needed. So between work, school, having twins this year and a two and a half year old keeping us busy, I have been very slowly chipping away at this thing. Currently, the front kit is off and found that the lower contol arm shock tabs are slightly ovaled. So going to have to buy some weld washers to go over the tabs to keep the new hardware and shocks from getting damaged. All shocks got removed and sent over to Kevin at Dialed Shock Prep where they were completely redone with black cerakote on the shock bodies, new powder coat on the springs and anodized the rest. He made these shocks look brand new which was suprising for how beat the shocks were. Couldn't recommend him enough, he absolutely killed it! Currently working on removing the bumps to send him. Got 3 of the 4 out and still fighting the last one. So if anyone has recommendations on removing stubborn bumps, let me know! And yes, I used heat. I am trying not to cut the cans as I don't have a welder right now to put new ones on if I cut them out or cut into them. As for the rest of the truck, I have really been trying to clean it up as much as I can while I wait for parts to come in. Started going through the fuel system because the sending unit wasn't working. Once I got in the tank, the internal hoses from the filler neck were dry rotted and sitting at the bottom of the tank, the can was all beat in on the bottom and heavily corroded on the bottom so went and bought a new fuel cell. All of the other fuel lines were dry rotted so I currently have everything ripped out up to the pressure regulator and working on replacing all of that. Havent looked inside the fuel filter yet but I am sure I am probably going to be needing a new internal filter or just a whole new filter assembly. Moving up to the front, when I bought the truck the hood was all dented up from flying into the windshield apparently. That damaged all of the hood brackets and the core support Marcel made many moons ago. So I ordered some new dirt king inner fenders so I can get the hood to sit right and have the ability to mount things a little better in the engine bay. Moving to the rear, I was just going to grease the bushings and change the heims on the links. I only got to the driver side to find the bolts were seized in the bushing. So had to get a sawzall to cut the bolt out. So just went ahead and bought new bushings to throw in there. That's a small portion of what I have so far. Truck is sitting in my driveway on jack stands and have been trying to do what I can when I can. This is my first prerunner so I am probably gonna be asking a bunch of questions and will be posting updates when I have them. I'll get better at taking pictures too haha.


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Mannnn it sucks seeing it in such bad shape. He literally didn’t touch anything…That hockey stick on the rear door bar was my hood prop😂😂

I’m stoked you have it and are taking such good care of her! Everything is looking so good already I can’t wait to see it running again!
That hockey stick is still being used as a hood prop lol. Got some hood struts i'll be putting on so I don't have to use that anymore but will keep it in the truck for who knows what haha. But yeah, sucked the shape it was in. At least when I am done with it, it will be solid and look good.
Dang that’s rough! Did the guy buy it from marcel and then just hard parked it in his driveway or what??
No, he used it. Just didn’t take care of it and give it some maintenance every now and then. Also looks like he took it to Pismo or something and never washed any of the salt off. But that’s me assuming. Not entirely sure
So was able to get the last bump out. Beat the fuck out of it and didn’t budge at all so just cut up the can. Try to make it salvageable but wasn’t able too, so I’m just gonna have to get a new can


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Right on. Send me a message if you need help getting a new can or bump stop, I’m a wholesaler for King.
always loved this truck. Glad to see it get the attention it deserves!
Did you ever figure out the fuel sender deal? If not, I can call isspro and see if they have my order information so you can order a new one to the same spec.
Did you ever figure out the fuel sender deal? If not, I can call isspro and see if they have my order information so you can order a new one to the same spec.
No, havent gotten to that point yet. I still have the original invoice with all of the info on it so I should be good to go with that. But on the subject of the sending unit. So I bought a new fuel cell and wanted to avoid cutting into the cell to install the sending unit. Does anyone know if the harmon filler plate bolts up to the Jaz jeepspeed fuel cell? They have this pretty awesome plate that puts the sender right there which I thought was pretty cool. Sent them an email but didn't get a response to see if it would fit.


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Most companies use the same 24 hole oval pattern. But if not I could cut you one out. I’ve got the pattern drawn up on the computer
So picked up my new Mazzulla hubs and an Izzy fab fuel cell cradle with the skid plate. Also went and ordered a TE rack saver for piece of mind, we'll see how long a rack can hold up with this . Looks like I will need to order some new 5/8 studs for the rear and have the wheels drilled out. Picked up the rest of the uniballs I needed and misalignment spacers so the front is going to be ready to go when I get some time to work on it. I figured since I have everything apart, I am gonna send the mazzulla kit in for powder coat as well as the links and other misc stuff just to freshen it up. Really the only other thing I want to work on is the brake lines up front and cleaning up the engine bay. Anyone have recommendations on fuse boxes? At some point I wanted to send it out to have it moved inside the cab but that's in the future. With the dirt king inner fenders I am looking to just hang it on there and looking for something enclosed. Currently has a fabricated one I believe Marcel made up but it doesn't have a top. Nothing wrong with it, like I said just looking to clean it up in the bay.
that truck still has the original rack in it! unless the previous owner changed it but i doubt it. the racks will last in those trucks as long as you dont try to pull too much droop out of those kits. once it passes a certain point in the down travel you can literally see the tie rods pulling the rack apart and trying to bend it line a rainbow. that's because thee suspension and the tie rods are working in two different arcs.
im pretty sure i had that thing strapped at 15-16" i don't remember exactly but i do remember i went with 1" shorter straps than what mazzulla said to use.
The guy just put a new rack in it a day or two before I got it haha. How many he went through before I’m not sure. But I got new straps on it so I’ll check it out when I get the kit back on.
Interesting! I had never broke one!
Which is mega surprising since i remember us going full send down the big line on main in this thing, and never lifting down sand highway for the whole thing 😂 This truck is absolutely a sleeper for how well it works for such a “simple” build. I’m stoked to see this thing all freshened up again man! Last step should be to strip and polish those wheels and coat the rings candy red 🤌🏼