White Chocolate Mocha (1st Gen Raptor) #starbucksprerunnergang

Jan 7, 2024
Buena Park, CA
Figured I’d get like the cool (old) kids and ditch the OBS for a #starbucksprerunner


So the hunt began. I wanted a first gen, white or silver, preferably paint matched, and as low miles as possible.

Sure enough I found a white 2011 with 117,000 miles in Riverside, even better it already had King 3.0s front and rear, was painted matched, and came with 6 Robby’sIMG_8028.jpgIMG_8029.jpgIMG_8030.jpgIMG_8031.jpgIMG_8032.jpgIMG_8033.jpg
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Since I bought too old of a truck for Sync 3, I decided the first order of business was to upgrade to the Sony 9500-ES so I could run wireless carplay, GPS, offroad GPS, and a bunch of other cool features. 10/10 recommend this unit. I didn't love the idea of a floating screen at first but now that I have it, I totally love it.

after a couple weeks I figured it was time to get some dirt miles on the truck, took a trip out to Lucerne and hit Ratttlesnake Canyon with some old and new friends. Plan was to hit Burns and go all the way to Big Bear but some of the rigs were less capable than others and we elected to stop at Pappy&Harriets for a late lunch and head home. First time my daughter had been offroading and she loved it.

Who made the bumper? I've been leaning towards the AHQ bumper with a valence and push bar that looks very similar to that one