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Sep 9, 2022
1000 Oaks
Hello, My name is Tyler and I'm from Ventura county CA, I'm 19 years old. I just picked up This 1992 Toyota pick up 2wd! Up Front it has a total chaos uniball longtravel kit that's now discontinued. Out back it has Deaver f67 leafs with king bumps. I have king 2.5 18in bypasses for the rear that came with the truck. I plan to mount the bedsides and do a bed cage for the bypasses along with 2 spare tires to keep the weight in the back. I'm new to fabricating and have very basic knowledge from YouTube, forums, and metal shop in highschool. I will be tackling this project with some friends that have experience with these trucks and I'm excited to see how she will come out! Also threw in a pic of my 02 tacoma! yota front.jpgyota side.jpgking bypasses.jpgtaco.jpg
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Rad dude!

You have a solid start. Make a build thread on the truck so you can document it all.

Also don't dive in too deep and cut the back half off... KEEP IT IN THE DIRT!