Wannabe Go fast solid axle taco

On the taco, how far forward did you push the front axle? I need to trim my fenders more
Im not sure the exact measurement but wheelbase is now 130. The pan hard bumps in front of the ac compressor for reference.
Long time no update.

moab was good. Broke 2 u joints on prichett but made it through with only winching chewy.

And before moab I trimmed the side of the ram gaurd. I think it looks better and gets hung up less

Rzr got some prp seats I got off markeptlace and I had to make some seat brackets to fit the factory mounts. And a led bar I had laying around.
I also ordered some prps for the 83 and got them mounted. In the process of making a new winch bumper that’s a little more slimline and will have some mounts for a snow plow I got.
That’s pretty much caught up. I ordered a new power steering pump for mine from radial dynamics to hopefully improve the steering and I’ve been collecting some parts for a new build… but that’ll come later. A few shots of both Tacomas together

In an effort to be more active on the forum, probably start posting some of the odd ball jobs I’ve been doing.

Made two matching trailer boxes that I thought turned out well. Guy had them powered coated to match his trailers he rents out.
Got the knee stuck on my old mill and it ended up being a total loss. Picked up a new to me Bridgeport and a sheet metal shear that is actually super handy.

A Dana 300 front output I milled out to fit a 32 spline output.

A transmission plug for a th350
And then the usual hub tools I’ve been making for a while now

This thing is sweet. Wasn't Brandon working on this thing? It came out great.
Yeah he did all the cab and bed cage. It was at his shop till his accident then Richie called me and asked me to do the new 3link as the family needed it out of the shop.

Appreciate it. Unfortunate circumstances how I got involved with it after the accident but I was grateful for the opportunity.
Finished the bumper on the 83. Pretty happy with it as it’s simple but tight to the body. Need some d ring mounts and then I’ll mount the snowplow using the hitch reciever and some turn buckles.