Tired old Tahoe

Only way to find out would be to take the torsion bars and bump stops out and cycle the suspension. I don't know off hand though I don't even know what MY torsion bar truck gets 😂 I tried Googleing it but had no luck finding it. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Torsion bars have a linear spring rate unlike offroad coil springs (onroad coilover coils are linear) that have a progressive rate. There's a common misconception that cranking torsions makes your truck ride like dog shit, but it doesn't matter what position they're in, they'll feel the same. What makes your truck ride like dog shit is cranking all the down travel out of your suspension. I got my truck an inch higher in the front then the rear and also managed to leave myself 2" of down travel which suited my needs fine. Rides just like it did when it was raked out sitting stink bug.

I personally love the way progessive rate coils (or even stock struts) feel compared to torsion bars. I would do a coilover conversion in a heartbeat. Worth every penny. But that's just my opinion.

If you're not a aggressive driver maybe try ditching the sway bar first (or disconnecting the end links). That'll free up your suspension A LOT. It's the first thing I do to almost every vehicle I own. But I also drive (on oublic roads lol) very smooth and calm.

Btw that YouTube thing was a link. First time I tried adding a YouTube video on here 🤷‍♂️
Sway bar is gone, I put a stiffer sway bar in the rear and it handles fine in my book.
Start cutting metal where the uppers hit and you'll get more travel and while you're at it cut out your bump pads too then gets keys AND crank them. BOOM. ALL the inches your heart desires 😂 I've only known one person to break a torsion bar. You, my friend, can be the second. Just imagine the possibilities lol
The lack of droop with crank keys is awful 😂😂 still gonna send it. I do have mine adjusted to still have droop

Also, watching that video, I DO NOT like spring spacers, but in my search for the limited lift options for the rear of these coil spring SUVs was H2s share a large majority of rear suspension componentry. And an H2 rear coil spring provides a couple inches of lift over the Z71 springs
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IMG_9811.jpegWas sad with the Patagonia MTs , put some 34” BFGs on it, did the Backway to Crown King and tried the Jeepy tire on a rock thing…

Saw some Burros
and …

I broke a rear axle shaft 🤦‍♂️

I ain’t ever gonna stop breaking this Tahoe!!!
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and believe it or not … 🙄 nobody makes chromo axles for a 10 bolt 🤣

Ordered some Moser 1541H axles today
If I remember right, Kartek has cut to length axles but idk what spline or diameter you need
I guess that’s about as good as it gets for 8.6” 10bolts


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Got the chunk out, had to disassemble the locker to get it out 🤦‍♂️

Axles in, test drove , good to go 👍


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