terra crew movie night, laser town

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
I am planning on going with some fiends that just bought some prerunners.

i saw the quick video on the gram about the event. $20/night to stay in laser town, $10 per person to come in and out of laser town. camping is 1st come 1st serve. question i have if anyone would know if we can have our own camp fires? i know in the past at curts swap meet its a no go.

who else is going?
$40 per vehicle to stay/camp in laser town and its fri night and sat night included. $10 per person to enter laser town. The owner Cody grades his property by dragging a fence thing behind a golf cart or quad each day and the place is super flat and clean. I watched him walk around and pick up trash. I dont have an answer for campfires but thats a great question.
the last time they had an event there, there was a main area for a camp fire organized by the officials where everyone could hangout. i dont remember any individual camp fires though.
i plan on being there. i had a blast last time and if you dont want to pay to camp and want your own fire and such you could just park right outside! i dont think anyonee would mind it
I talked to Marcel about this the other day, im gonna try to make it as well! If i end up staying the night ill just be throwing my tent on my flatbed.
i guess the small group i will be with will camp outside close. they want to make sure we have our own fire for one guys family that has never been camping. it will be interesting because it will be the 1st time 2 of them every drove dirt. one just bought a razer in july that we did the Rubicon trail in, the other bought a nice chevy double cab prerunner that stealnutz built.
Who is rolling out to this? Looks like some savage senders are gunna be out there 👀👀

FRIDAY 11/3:
Event setup vendor / camping load in

Vendor / participant load-in

Vendor Expo - Truck Show -
RC Expeditions

Moto Desert Expedition

Desert Prerunner Expedition

Video Screenings

After Party / Night Desert Expedition
More Details from Black Hat.

$40 donation to camp Fri-sat per camping vehicle (rv, trailer, tent). No worries if people want to camp elsewhere.

$10 donation per person over 18 at the gate.

Self contained campfires are permitted (metal fire pits, smudge pots). NO ground fires. We will have a community fire pit as well.