So I have a thing for old GM pickups


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Feb 8, 2023
Title pretty much sums it up. You guys will primarily see my two K5s in future posts but I figured I’d dump the whole fleet here.

First off is my 65 C10. This was my first vehicle/build in high school. Small block Chevy, Tremec TKO600 5 spd, lowered, converted to power disk brakes and power steering. I estimate the 350 puts out around the 400hp mark, it’s a good time23F2D887-AAB6-4B05-902C-B5280611E1CF.jpegF8A00776-F0F6-42AC-9DED-6AF0386273AF.jpeg

Next is my “K30” as most people call it. It’s an 89 Chevy crew cab 4x4. It sports a 502 and a 4L80E in place of its original 454 TH400. I did a 2.5” skyjacker lift with some old Alcoa style wheels I found and ditched the original front bench seat with suburban buckets and console. I’ve had this truck over 10 years now and I was my primary “tow rig” until I stepped into the diesel world about 4-5 years ago.2A9DE1D6-1677-4BE5-9B55-DEDDB8D9BA88.jpegB1F29321-7D9D-4B5B-BA91-1E98800EEDF1.jpegFD260347-DFC4-4D8B-95A6-572FAD42755C.jpeg

Then there’s my favorite “Sunday driver”, 71 K10. All original, I acquired it from the son-in-law of the original owner. I still have all the paperwork on the truck including the temporary license plate from when it left the dealer in 19719C6DAD5B-6859-438A-ADE0-34D98D117616.jpeg705114C8-7CB8-42E8-A7C3-F52A139B3565.jpeg9F4E4D20-56E3-4DD3-9109-5677B68E2770.jpeg

I won’t bore you guys with the other three (17 Sierra 3500, work truck, and wrecked K5) so I’ll finish this off with my 91 Jimmy. Pretty basic but capable truck off road. TBI 350, SM465 4 spd manual, NP241 transfer case. Sits on a set of Offroad Design leaf springs, Bilstein 5160 shocks, 6 lug SF 14bolt rear with a Truetrac, and just a clutch style posi in the front. I did a slip yoke eliminator in the 241 as well. I’ll start a new thread on this one when I start fabbing up some cool stuff for it. EE59F810-7DB1-4318-A67F-67115872C6B9.jpegE33918DD-B279-4F7F-B41C-B6506C059B0B.jpeg56DE0027-B121-4050-A4CD-CA909A646BFE.jpeg56B124B9-3DD5-414E-861F-E32C5489BFC9.jpeg
Nice collection you have going there. I have a dream of building a '67-'72 C10, RCSB, with full C6 Z06 drivetrain and suspension under it for track work.
I can now say that I like Jimmy's. Thanks for the little rip dude. It was so nice and clean inside.

May have to try and own one in my future.