Sky Park Bike Park | 10/13/22


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Sep 3, 2022
Banning, CA
A group of friends and I are planning a trip up to Sky Park Bike Park on Thursday October 13th if anyone wants to join. It's an open invite so feel free to bring whoever along. My plan at this point is to get up there around 2:30pm and ride until it gets dark or closes (whichever comes first). Entry is half off after 2:30pm for the park, and on Thursdays bike rentals are half off all day. I'll be renting a bike just because for $40 or so, you can rent a badass bike all day. My bike isn't nearly as nice as the bikes you can rent. (Last time my friend and I rented the Santa Cruz Bronson and the Megatower). If you already have a bike you like to ride, you can save the $40 on the rental.
Hope to see some of you guys there!
Next Thursday, 10-13-22 we are going to Sky Park Bike Park if any of you guys want to join! I know some of you may still be recovering from this weekends Clean Dezert event, but if you still have some energy leftover we would love to see you guys there!
i saw they had passes on sale for $199 kinda tempted... don't know that id actually use it enough...
I've only been up there 3 times now