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Jan 20, 2023
Share all the different off road toys you have had over the years.

My first Prerunner style vehicle was a 1979 Toyota truck. Camburg upper and 300k miles. IMG_9909.jpeg

Then I bought the Baja bug pictured. It was so capable. All bus chassis. Super long arms, 2.0 water cooled Audi motor with power steering.

Then I had a handful of K5 Blazers but they didn’t really do what I wanted. No pics

Golf Cart on VW chassis with 1835 in it. So sketchy but so fun.

Then a Yamaha Rhino that we built. Kind of a rock crawler style cage.

Then I picked up a killer OBS f150 in Escondido. Caged, TTB, Coilovers and stuff for $2k.


I traded that truck for this OBS Crew cab. It was caged, linked on 37’s. It was a very rough build.


Then I went back to SXS’s for a few years. First was this Kawasaki Teryx 4.

Then a RZR built by Desertworks. This SXS was crazy fast and worked so good.

Then I went back a full-size with this 92 Bronco.


And currently I have a 1969 Jeepster.


I will say the Jeepster is my favorite. It does everything the others do at about 70% but it does things the others couldn’t even dream of.


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Oh this is a good one! Golf Cart on VW chassis haha sounds super safe haha
I'll have to gather some photos in the next day or 2.
Cool thread! Ill play along.

Started in high school with a 2004 silverado, driveway build i didnt have money for much but made some hacked parts in my garage and thought i was the coolest kid on the block!

Shortly after i sold the truck because i wanted a fullsize. I picked this truck up in vegas and did a few little things to it

I caught the prerunner bug again and started building the ranger i have now. This was in 2012. Got the ranger up and running after about a year of work and took it to the desert for the first time.

Towing with the 1500 wasnt working out the best so i sold the silverado and bought a duramax from a friend

Continued building my Ranger and got it to where i thought it was exactly how i wanted it.

Went to pismo and had an accident which sparked the next toy

I knew this rebuild would take some time, i had a buddy selling this Rhino with a full weller racing SR1 conversion and picked it up

Ran the R1 car for about 5 seasons until i sold it 2 years ago. Still have my duramax and the ranger now
i will play.
Ranger i built and raced for a while. Then decided i needed something more practical.
Black f150 fell in my lap. While it was a dream truck, it didnt check the boxes for what i wanted.
Fraptor, its a street queen


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i will play.
Ranger i built and raced for a while. Then decided i needed something more practical.
Black f150 fell in my lap. While it was a dream truck, it didnt check the boxes for what i wanted.
Fraptor, its a street queen
Very nice, I really want a clean Gen 1 Raptor.
Memory lane is fun, and painful.

High school truck. Mostly built by Richer racing in Oceanside. Was at the 2008 offroad expo.
Then the rat rod ‘61 with a 4.6, tremec, and 9”. Only picture I have of it when I worked at a car shop.

Then I did some cafe bike stuff and crotch rocket douche stuff.
Got back into the dirt and bought a few old Chenowth buggies.

Wanted something street legal for the kids to enjoy with me. Bought a 3 seat bug that blew up 10 mins after buying so began to rebuild it.
Went to the offroad expo and talked to a few guys I knew from years ago and decided I need to go back to trucks. Bought a 91 ranger a few weeks ago and regret nothing.AC9F3FA5-2247-48F1-8B21-07105359CFA1.jpeg

E2814011-FFA4-4789-BF3A-5290C5B81ECF.jpegDon’t worry, we were just driving in my buddies backyard, don’t call CPS on me…
Still have the white Dodge, 4runner and of course the Raptor. Wish I could have kept them all.


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Haven’t had a lot of “off road” toys, lots of trucks, now I live in the desert and have the bug bad

But, this was built for truck pulling and that’s an off the road Motorsport. 😂

Had a 521 BBF , made around 700hp and liked to split transfer cases when it pulled 🤷 rode like a log wagon



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I'll bite. First build was a 2001 jeep cherokee I got just out of high school it was bone stock when I bought it. I loved the thing it did everything mediocre but was a blast and was a very reliable off-road vehicle and my Daily for years. Sold it to some douche bag in SD and he rolled it off a witches eye in glamis his first trip out. Saw it at KOH years later and the guy was driving it around with the roof cut off. I wanted to punch him in the dick.



Next up was a 2004 Jeep LJ ( I know gay huh?) also bought this stock. This was a very nicely put together jeep and it took me to some cool places i'd like to go back to. Such as the Rubicon trail and such. I'v always been into desert racing and at the time i sold this jeep I found myself trying to drive it fast in the desert chasing friends with prerunners. So i sold it aswell.



This leads me into the love of my life my 2001 Tundra what more is there to say this thing fucked and i'll forever miss it.


Truck together.png

tundra grey.jpg

tundra grey2.jpg

Current Project 94 Bronco. Jury is still out on this one.

Bronco JV.jpg
Don't have pictures of all of them. Some notable ones though.

Went through 4 rangers, all 2wd. 84, 86, 93, 2000. 86 was bracket lift, body lift, 31s and a LS in the back. Was decent for the high school mudding.

Scored a samurai, cut it all to shit. No really good pictures, it was all on Photobucket. Upgraded the 2000 ranger to the F150, towed aight. Buddy started talking about Moab, bought more truck the CTD dually (48* and slight rain bitch would hit 40 psi and almost get scary)

Sold off all of that when family came, had a decent Silverado street fighter, looked good but sucked in wet grass.

Now have a 4runner that's about as stock as it was in 2005 new, and itching for another project


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