Rear radiator plumbing


Sep 29, 2023
Oakdale, CA
I’ve seen people run a hardline type set up to the rear
I don’t have a tig for aluminum and was wondering if anyone was doing anything different for such a long line to the rear of the truck
I also saw what I think was a steel braided tubing to the rear
Trying to see what option there are. And maybe what people were paying to get those hardline ones made
Aluminum is usually the way to go for these type of lines.

Braided tubing in the size you will need for the radiator is quite costly to run it all the way to the back of the truck. Say you have a midsize truck and your putting the radiator behind the back window. You will need likely 12-15' per line ( inlet and return)- Most guys either use -16 or -20 size.
I've seen it run with rubber hose thru the cab out the rear firewall.... it was about the most micky mouse thing i've ever seen on an off-road truck. I,ve also seen it done using pre cut aluminum straits, 90* and 180* coupled with silicon hose. Don't forget to step roll the lines.
If possible...keep all coolers up front. I have my radiator, 2 trans coolers, engine oil cooler all up front.