pushlock clamps?

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
i just finished up a power steering pump conversion on my ranger. I used all push lock fittings from out of the box on (cooler-reservoir-feed back to pump).
from the pump to the box i made a high pressure hose.

so after the power steering pump blow out on pats TT spec truck at the mint, it got me thinking if i should put clamps on my pushlock fittings.

what have you done or used? regular hose clamp (with heat shrink on it) the pushlock crimp clamp, or nothing?
Great topic... unfortunately I have no idea.

I started to questioning power steering and lines after the incident as well.
I used stepless clamps on most my push lock hose fittings; fuel, steering, vent lines, etc. They’re fairly cheap insurance.
where did you find a good place that sold them and the tool for a decent price? there are so many different bands with prices all over the place.
These are what I use. Oetiker brand.

Find out what sizes you need (in MM) and I can possibly send you a goodie bag. Largest I have in stock are 21mm. Pretty certain they’re all stainless.
Hell I’ve even had good luck with the larger ones I’ve picked up from Lowe’s.
thanks @GahnRacing but after checking theses out i would have to remake (buy more hose) to install these. i will put it on my "to do" list. for now i will just us some worm type hose clamp with heat shrink on it.

besides, i know you will need your supply on your next build.
+1 Oetiker is what you would use. However if it is just a low pressure return line then you really don't need it. There are other forces at play if you overpressure a return line. If this is something that may happen (really shouldn't but...) then I would just use high pressure lines and fittings on the entire system. You can also get smooth bore or smooth I.D. worm gear clamps from NAPA.
Now I have push lock hoses on my return line from my PS box and my hydroboost. I have a couple safety wire pieces wrapped around them and haven't have any problems with that in the past but now I'm second guessing myself.
i used push-lock on my trans cooler lines for several years with any problem. but the range of pressures are all over the place with power steering. not just the normal pump pressure but when the tires hit hard and the feed back pressure is huge.

but, knowing what i have learned now, i will still use the push-lock but with the crimp clamp.