Pisbro Sat 3/9/24 ??? Come play trucks

Dirt Yota

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Jan 9, 2023
There’s a few of us hitting Pismo this coming Saturday 3/9 weather permitting. Open invite!!! Keep in mind high tide at 8:41am a 6’ high. Creek crossing could be interesting around high. We plan on getting there at gate opening and sneaking across 🤞


So trip went well but started a lil dicey lol. Entered off Grand Ave at 7am, sign at shack already said “creek crossing closed” I paid my $5 bucks and they let me go find out. Well the beach between Grand and Pier Ave entrance is basically nonexistent now with small high tide but especially as we approached a 6’ high tide. My 12 yr old son and me proceeded to head a bit too far and got stuck backing out. Oh and we were solo! Dug out a bit and tried again with tail of truck sliding to little ledge 🤦‍♂️ my kid starts to panic as water starts chewing on ledge, I ask if brough trunks cuz we may turn into a boat. He didn’t like that haha. I shoot a text to buddy coming in gate asking for a morning tug… 10 mins later the sound of superchargered yota 3.4 was music to my ears. Tugged me out and went to enter from Pier Ave entrance to meet up with the others to then go have breakfast till tide dropped and creek crossing opened. Good time was had by all as usual.