Photos from your last ride.


Mar 30, 2022
So been trying to get myself ready for race next weekend... Had designs on laying down a few miles and riding from my house down to the beach meeting up with wife and kids. Pulled my sled out and noticed back tire was low again. I have had a puncture that doesn't want to seal up on my Dhr2 it will be good for a few rides and then it decides it's going to piss out all my sealant. I've got a few tires on my old wheel set... A smoked 2.3 dhr2 or 2.5 Assegai.... Naturally, I went with the most XC option.. I'll take what is rolling resistance for $1000, Alex.


She was a bit more of a donkey on the Road, flats, uphill. but on the downs all the traction


The start





Took me a bit longer than expected but made it


my lil dude found this little guy

loaded my steed up... Was super grateful to not have to ride back haha

Final tally, the longest ride I've done to date mileage wise.

Good times.

Dude you're a tank. I did a little 4.7 miler loop starting at triunfo canyon and just staying around there and I was gassed at the end haha
Just seat time my brother. It never gets easier either, you just go faster. 🤡🤘

Triunfo has some rad stuff... I'll have to show you.
Got my butt handed to me last night on the DMCMTB ride. My twigs that I call legs got gassed and I felt bad with how badly I was holding everyone up on the climbs. The downhills were AWESOME though! My bike is definitely made for going down.

Only picture I got was at Pedals and Pints after the ride where a few of us chowed down

That one looks part king snake from the looks of the tail, never seen that before.
this was more yellow than i normally see. not sure if its because its earlier in the season or maybe its a hybrid. we should be seeing at least one a ride for the next couple of months
We road a bunch of single track last night at Daily Ranch with a bunch of 2-3 ft high bushes... I was pretty scared honestly haha.
We road a bunch of single track last night at Daily Ranch with a bunch of 2-3 ft high bushes... I was pretty scared honestly haha.
never had anything strike at me. typically i dont worry about stuff in the bushes, its when you coming in hot and SUPRISE in th middle of the trail is what makes me nervous. there is one section of trail that had a 2' ledge along a wall that i worry about since ive see a few coiled next to the warm wall at the end of the day.
10 miler last night with @MaddChadd
Steep and Loose was the theme... we sent probably the gnarliest rock shoot I've ridden to date. Might have to go back and get some footage. 100% Double Black in current shape trail was in.



That sounds fun, the couple rides I got in over memorial day weekend gave me the itch to start riding more. Need to get group of you guys up here and we'll hit up Downieville.
Picked up this new-to-me Giant Trance 27.5 yesterday and went for a break in ride this morning. The bike rides great for an older used bike (Not nearly as nice as the YT Capra I’ve been borrowing from a buddy though).
Still need to dial in the suspension for my weight and riding style. Excited to put in some miles and get my ass back into shape.

27 miles this past sunday out in the Santa Monica mtns


West LA in foreground Down town in distance.

Took a shortcut over to Sullivan ridge 🤡🤡



yours truly


5.5 Tuesday Am can almost taste that 1000 mile mark.

New (to me) whip. 2018 YT Jeffsy Pro CF 27.5. Wow what a difference it makes climbing and descending! Pretty much exactly what I was looking for when it comes to a bike. Medium travel, lighter weight, good suspension, not a 29er lol