Old guy, new member


Jan 8, 2023
Yo. My name is Mike. I never really post anywhere, but I’m a former member of TTORA and DR under the username centralcoasttaco99. You can probably figure out I’m from the central coast and used to have a 1999 Tacoma. IG is mikeee805, hence the username here on BLGT.

The tacoma went through many renditions over my years with TTORA and DR, from mid travel 4x4 shenanigans, to TC kit and 62s, to a full cage and backhalf, to custom front end, to LS swap and four sail sign. You can definitely say I’ve chosen some bad lines and had some good times.

Now I’m middle age (I think), married, have two kids, and I’m still doing dumb shit like all of you… took the old tow rig / daily driver and slapped a solid axle under it with some 40s last month, for example. I’ll have a build thread for that soon.

I am also James Way Off-Road, and have some products some of you may already have, and that some of you may have a use for. It’s been a constant struggle between reinvesting in myself vs living off myself, but I’m trying to take it more seriously this year and produce more products, possibly taking it to a full time gig.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this forum!! Here’s my hoopties, past and present:

The Tacoma, 2005-2022:


And the Chevy, which really didn’t change until this year:
Mike's back in the game! Are you still over at Poly Performance?

Also post up some of the products you are selling with James Way off Road
Mike's back in the game! Are you still over at Poly Performance?

Also post up some of the products you are selling with James Way off Road
Nope, not at Poly Performance. I respectfully resigned back in 2016 and have been working at a fab shop called NV Fab ever since. There’s still some good guys working at Poly, though.

I have a couple items that I know are floating around these forums:
-Dana 44 hub covers
-Toyota hub covers
-9 inch skid plates
-GMT800 motor mounts

Also have some prototype parts out in the wild currently.
-Dodge radius arm kit
-Chevy SAS radius arm kit
That yota was/is a beast! Been following you on IG for a bit. Where did the yota go now?

Chevy solid axle as they should be! Wish Chevy stayed solid front axles!!!
The Tacoma is out in Utah in the SLC area. The guy that bought it ran into some issues almost immediately after he got it, breaking the upper wishbone and shredding a couple tires / bedsides. Last I saw he was switching it to a 4 link, but I haven’t checked in with him in a while. I think it’s too cold for him to use it right now anyways, so my best guess is it’s nestled in his shop waiting for spring.