Are we like minded people?


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Jan 19, 2024
How’s it going everyone. I’m living in the Santa Cruz mountains. I’m a do it all kind of guy. Moto, MTB, wake, prerun, crawl, and overland. Really hard to make up my mind sometimes. Sold my 4runner soo currently have my wife’s 1st gen Tacoma that’s been getting some love recently. If I need to replace I might as well upgrade… 33s SPC uppers fox coil overs and shocks, deaver leaf pack, basic light package. Saving up for a new rig soon. I’ve been collecting parts to have a linked rig that can crawl and boogy. Hoping to meet some more guys that are like minded.
Thanks for the add
lets see some pics of the deavers on there.
Here are photos from this week at KOH. I have the fox 2.0 shocks in the rear. I believe i can get more travel with longer shocks and extended brake lines though. Considering the OSR kit and see what more i can get out of it. The truck was sooo much better compared to the stock leafs.


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