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Jul 4, 2023
New guy here and new to forums. It seems to be hopping with good information so I’ll tag along.

Spent all my life in the woods of Vermont where the only rig modification was rough country lift.

My whole life I’ve raced motocross and had an off-road background. I went to Hobart institute of welding technology. Then moved to phoenix and work as a tig welder in an aerospace. Where I was bit by the prerunner bug.

Log story short I’m back in Vermont. I work as a weld instructor at a tech High school. And we build all sorts of oddball things.

I bought a Nissan frontier for cheap and not the truck I wanted but I dig it, and I want to build a 4wd pre lander out of it 1A4D3779-3038-42E3-BF80-E33D56B63323.jpeg3E046C6F-A473-4491-94F5-CC20120A2610.jpeg
There was a guy on DR way back in the day that built such a killer, black, frontier. I think his name was Terrible1 or something like that. Frontiers can be awesome. Pretty strong motors, too.
I really like the truck now that I’m into it and working on it. Really wanted a Tacoma but could not afford the Toyota tax right now. When this fronturd popped up wrecked for $3500 it was hard to beat. All I’ve done is pull the fender and hood out and put a headlight in it. And some mild maintenance and it’s the perfect daily driver right now.
Here it is the first week I owned it after some “bodywork”


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