Group Buy MAXIMUM DISCOUNT UNLOCKED - Regear Group Buy - Open to ALL makes/models


Aug 8, 2023
Big Bear, CA
How's it going everyone?!

Its that time again to setup another regear group buy with Premier West! For those that have never heard of Premier, they are a fairly well known shop who specialize in regearing all sorts of vehicles. Our last group buy with them went very smoothly with us hitting the maximum discount in less than a week and getting 100 trucks regeared without issue.

With this group buy you will be getting ring and pinion sets, diff rebuild kits, and everything installed for the prices below. These prices are for the listed vehicles with stock differentials. Additonal fees may be applied for other add ons/options. This group buy is open to all vehicles however, so let all your friends know regardless of what they drive. Prices will vary for other models not listed.

The pricing is as follows;

2wd Toyota's:
IFS Toyota 4wd’s with stock axles:
2007+ Tundras, Sequioas, Land Cruisers:
Birfield Toyotas:
TJ/JK Wrangler:
JL/JT Wrangler:
(Normal pricing is around $2500-$3000)

Lockers will also be available for purchase and can be installed for no additional labor. Any plumbing will be extra.

Premier West Gear also offers REM polish with all regears. This eliminates the need to go through a break in period on your gears. Normal pricing for the REM polish is $300 but will be available to us for $250.

All work will be covered by a 1 year warranty. An additional, no questions asked, 10 year warranty will be available for an additional fee

To sign up for this group buy:

Please private message me with your contact information. This must include full name, phone number, and email address. I will also need your year/make/model, gear ratio, and whether or not you would like REM polish/lockers. If you are unsure about what ratio to get feel free to ask here or message me and I will do my best to help you. Once I have your info I will pass it along to Premier who will email you a quote and call to give you the rest of the directions on how to pay deposit.

You will be asked to make a deposit based on what you'll be getting from them. Deposits will go towards your final balance. Deposit's are:
$150 for 2wd
$300 for 4wd
If you are planning on getting a locker(s) your deposit will be more. Deposit amount will be determined by Premier. Once you have made your deposit please comment in this thread to let us know that you are in!

No, you do not need to be a CA resident to signup for this.
If you are willing to make the drive to Riverside, CA, you are more than welcome to signup. We also have a ship in deal.

This group buy will be running through the end of the year. Plenty of time to start getting deposits ready, finances in line for the rest of the cost, and ask your significant other for permission. This is a great opportunity with great savings, you do not want to miss out on it.

If you need to get in contact with me outside of BLGT you can reach me on my Instagram page @SoCal.Toyotas. This will be shared across multiple platforms including this IG page.

Ends: Dec. 31, 2023

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Frequently asked questions:

What gears do they use?
Nitro, Revolution, Yukon and Motive Gear. You get to choose

How much for _____ locker?
Premier will let you know in your quote.

My Tacoma doesn’t have stock axles,(SAS, one tons, etc) can I still join this?
Yes! Your price won’t be the standard Toyota pricing listed above but you are more than welcome and it will still be cheaper than normal pricing
Sign up list:
1. Cyrus (TW)
2. Noah (IG)
3. Romeo (IG)
4. Aaron (IG)
5. Erick (IG)
6. David (IG)
7. Ezekiel (IG)
8. dumontrider (TW)
9. Jose (IG)
10. Andy (IG)
11. Famoustaco (TW)
12. Nicholas (FB)
13. Erick (IG)
14. JDPNW (TW)
15. Angelo (IG)
16. Paul (PWG)
17. Christian (IG)
18. TacomaWorld2023 (Mystery)
19. Daniel (IG)
20. John (IG)
21. Evanike (TW)
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Alright guys, we have hit our goal for the maximum discount! If you were quietly waiting on the fence for this to happen now is the time to sign up for this deal! All of the reward with none of the risks of not hitting the max discount
No problem! I'm always trying to help the community!

We will probably be hosting a group buy with Coastal Offroad soon as well as Mox Motors for some rock lights so if you know anyone looking for some send them our way!
One of our sign ups from TacomaWorld "breaking in" his gears and lockers 4 days after installation thanks to the REM polish. If you've been on the fence about this deal don't keep holding yourself back, get in on it while you still can!