Group Buy Coastal Offroad Group Buy - Open to all Makes/Models


Aug 8, 2023
Big Bear, CA
How's it going everyone?!

We have decided to team up with Coastal Offroad to bring you guys some discounted armor options. For anyone that has not heard of Coastal, they are a fantastic company that makes all kinds of different WIY kits for most platforms. These are all high quality, laser cut kits that are specifically designed for your application and have a variety of add ons to make your armor your own.

With this group buy, you will be able to get anything you want from their website (and maybe even a couple things that aren't yet) including bumpers, sliders, rear swingouts, and skid plates.

For this, we will be getting 15% off of all products and 25% off of shipping for those that ship their order to a common location once we hit 10 orders. For Southern California residents we will have these orders shipped to Beast Fab LLC in San Bernardino who can weld, powder coat and install your products for an additional fee, more details below. For those of you not in California or that don't want to drive to San Bernardino, you can still signup for this group buy, however you will not be eligible for the 25% off shipping unless you can get 10 people to order and ship to a common address by you.

These are all weld it yourself (WIY) kits ONLY! Coastal Offroad does NOT make assembled products. This is why we also partnered with Beast Fab for those that do not wish to handle the welding of these kits themselves. No, you do not need to have Beast Fab work on your products, it is 100% optional. Anyone that wants to take their kit and weld it themselves or have their buddy Joe do it is more than welcome to. You only have to go to Beast Fab to pick up your order if you want the 25% off of shipping.

Pricing for Beast Fab is as follows:
Front bumper:
Basic/Swingout Rear Bumper

Powder coating:
To sign up for this group buy:
Just Dm me your name, phone number, email address, your model, and what you would like and I will talk you through the process. There will be no deposits, just place an order with the discount codes I DM you and you are set!

If you need to get in contact with me outside of TW you can reach me on my Instagram page @SoCal.Toyotas. This will be shared across multiple platforms including this IG page.

This group buy will be running for 1 month until May 20th, 2024! With that in mind, make sure you ask your girlfriend/wife and get your finances in line now! This group buy WILL NOT wait for you. Either sign up and commit or don't. There is no being on the fence with this. Don't be that guy that tries to delay everyone else or causes us to not get the discount. If your order is not in by the 20th you are out!

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Frequently asked questions:

What is a WIY?
It is a weld it yourself kit. Meaning you get a bunch of flat pieces of sheet metal that you need to weld together like a Lego set

Can I buy assembled bumpers from Coastal?
No unfortunately not. That's why we partnered with Beast Fab so those that aren't into welding can still take part in this.

What materials do they use?
Most of their bumpers are 3/16" steel with 1/8" steel and 1/4" aluminum available on some.