Material Organization


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Nov 20, 2023
Los Angeles
How do you guys store your extra material? I have buckets and crates full of scrap but it's not a very effective way to organize it
I had shelves I made for my cut table for anything longer than 2’. All other rems I put in buckets based on round square etc.
I have some of the yellow and black totes for my small stuff that should really just go out on the curb, one for steel and one for al/ss.

My bigger stock pretty much just gets in the way or lives under my pallet rack style shelves where I forget about it or have to move 69% of my garage out of the way to get. Too much shit in a 2 car garage.

Tubing is in buckets. Plate is on a cart I have. Larger pieces on bottom and smaller ones on top under a wooden lid so I can still use it to set things on I haven't ground on my ameribrade. I mainly use the scrap tabs and such for making fixtures or stuff I need with a hole since they're usually old tabs that didn't work.
I need to do something else as what I have isn't working. Long tube is outside rusting, sheets are leaned up against a wall making the back sheets near impossible to get to, tube cuts are hung on the wall or standing in a metal cart, short tubes in a bucket and a box, plate stacked on a shelf that constantly slips off, and everything else spread around.

These have been working out well for tube cuts
Amazon product

Modified one of these to stand up 2-3ft material and remain mobile. Actually doesn't work too bad
Amazon product

I think the biggest problem was I used what I had sitting around and didn't really have a plan. I have a shed dedicated to the plasma table so the sheet will likely be relocated out there and give me a chance to change it all up. Definitely looking for ideas to minimize footprint.
For sheets I made a 1" box tubing piece similar to the first wall mount BUT with the legs going vertical so I could put small pieces in furthest channel from the wall, then 3/16" plate in one channel, 1/8" in another and 1/4" or thicker in the one against the wall. Then above that you could have a smaller shelf or shelves for smaller tabs you cut and didn't use.