ISO in search of ibeam Ranger parts!!

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Jun 1, 2023
Starting my build up here on a 97 ranger, looking for any used part. Trying to start quite the budget build, Right now I am looking for a rear tubestyle bumper but feel free to list any of your used ibeam ranger parts,
-coilovers- bed cages- engine cages- deavers- Anything, and if i dont purchase Im sure someone can use this to find some parts for their ibeam ranger. I am in North county Sd.
I have an Autofab 4” bent beam kit, 4” coils freshly powdercoated black, radius arms fabricated for 1.25” heims instead of bushings, Deaver G50 race pack and Bilstein mono tube shocks for the rear. Real good start to your build (909)746-724zero send me a text
I have a rear end setup, Chevy springs, explorer non disc axle, kartek drop hangers and shackles in Ventura, CA