Favorite tire?

I have only had to use my Mynesweepers once but I am glad I had them as it saved me a mile or so of pushing a bike through the hills. I will put them in all my bikes and replace them as needed. My son got a flat a few weeks ago on a bike that hadn't been ridden in a bit and probably rode a little bit on the inset, but just down the gravel road from the house. Also have to support the Newbury Park boys over the other guys.
Update on the IRC Tanken. I have only ridden Ditch loop, the golf course, and the shortcut climb up to the build so take everything with a grain of salt.
So far I am extremely happy with it as a rear tire. I have made a few fast runs down Ditch DH and the breaking where I used it and the flat cornering traction and confidence were right up there with the DHR2 if not better.
Doing test runs on the build berms I only had issues twice and that was due to a bad leak and not having the pressure needed to support me in the corner. After fixing that it has been great in the high load / fast entry berms with no rolling or squirm. Note: I have been running higher pressure since the leak. I lost my accurate gauge but I am right at 30psi on my no where near accurate Walmart pump.
I have had no traction issues on the steep climbs going up the short cut to the build. Even when getting out into the golf balls here and there.