Cosmic hole Prelander


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Feb 26, 2023
Hey! I'm here; finally. So, yea after a going through many iterations of the truck. We are here.
I met @Snowsk8air2 when I moved to Flagstaff and its snowballed since with the truck. When your around go fast stuff, you want to keep up or win. When you cant, what do you do? Spend money. A lot of it.
I used to live in Florida. So old setup was more for east coast wheeling. Mud, rocks and trees to ping pong off of. Which worked great out at WindRock and Black Mountain. Not so great out west here. Much more fun out here.
I do enjoy getting out to camp and relaxing and such. Its just more fun, when you can cruise along two track at a decent pace verus crawling along.
Anywho as I can copy pics and post back story about it. I will.
I am rough on the truck. I find the limits and exceed them. If there is BadLine, I'll find it. Just let me go first. However, I'm always down for a GoodTime.

  • JD +2.25 LT
  • JD lower pivot kit
  • JD bypass hoops
  • Front custom frame chop and built bumper. Bent the original frame horns.
  • Modified mix mash of Mobtown skids to mate up to the pivot kit.
  • ADS 8" CO
  • JD SUA
  • JD frame braces for SUA
  • DMZ frame plates
  • Archive Garage towers, custom cross brace
  • ADS 12" 3tubes
  • Custom rear bumper
Other stuff:
  • GFC; Love it! Not going anywhere
  • Solar stuffs to keep a 100ah LiFiPo4 battery for the
  • Snowmaster CL56D frige
  • RRW 17x8.5 -25
  • 315/75R17

Current state:

How it started?
Day I bought it with 6miles on it. .

Out by the Mint this year;
We’ll get the rear end tidied up and back together in the next week or two and start buttoning up the loose bits on the front before the end of summer. Or at least make sure you can send it at the cinders take over
And put it back together with the JD Fabbed inner fenders
Lil custom made UMP setup with an expensive MAF adapter..

Parts started going on smoothly

Had to pull apart the front because the EMF were clicking. Top caps were rubbing the ball of the joint. EMF is making taller caps and sending em over.

However, things still went on. Camper is on. Just need to get the winch and bumper back on.
Aaaannnd it works pretty good out of the box. Gonna turn some tubes on the rear bypasses a little and probably end up revalving the front to something similar to what I had in my truck before adding bypasses. This big girl is gonna dance.