Barstow 2 Vegas


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Dec 7, 2022
Hey all! Looking to do B2V with a few friends for my bachelor party in a couple weeks. Am looking for current GPX files and any trail reports following the rains. I did this loop 7-8 years ago and cant find my original route. First time we did Powerline Rd and the trucks were mostly stock. This time were all long travel and arent afraid of a rowdier route. Looking to get it done in one full day of wheeling. Wake up at 7-8am on Friday in Barstow and roll into Vegas Friday night(leaving time for lunch and fun stops)

Anyone have a sharable GPX? Any concerning areas other than not so dry lakebeds?
We did slash x to laughlin for new years. Lava rock section not far in had some 3' big wash outs and bolder sections to be mindful of, but it was pretty good the majority of the way. Having just drove to Vegas 2 weeks ago, the dry lake beds are absolutely not dry nearing Primm lol. Get after it!